A Food Truck Venture as a Concept


The Food Truck Business Concept Has Gained Popularity Among Advanced and Emerging Nations’ Populations Due to Rising Young and Middle-Class Expenditures, Conscious Consumerism, Mobile Lifestyles, and Demand for Food on the Go. With an Expected Increase in Revenue at a Pace of 3.7% Over the Next Five Years, the Industry of Food Trucks Appears to Have a Promising Future (Yoon & Chung, 2017). If Things Continue With the Same Intensity, the Business Will Reach a Total of $1.7 Billion, a Significant Increase for a Sector in Which Not Many Thoughts Would Thrive.

Code of Conduct

The Most Fundamental Code of Professional Conduct I Would Have for Myself and the Two Other Associates Is Respect. Maintaining Civility and Respect Is Crucial Even When Viewpoints Diverge (Alhazmi ET AL., 2021). Working Together to Create a Positive Atmosphere Where Everyone Is Free to Express Their Opinions Without Fear of Retribution Would Be Represented. On the Side of Customer Engagement, Respect Is a Significant Necessity. It Is Undeniable That People’s Interactions With Others Through the Course of Business Would Vary, and Being Polite to Others Is Part of Acting Professionally (Loh & Hassan, 2021). Always Conducting Oneself Professionally When Speaking With People Would Be Maintained Since Everyone Appreciates Being Accorded Respect.


Professional competence and good care for the customers are the conduct code that needs to be acknowledged inherently. A generalized requirement geared toward the common welfare exists whether or not a rule is recorded and made into a custom (AlHazmi et al., 2021). It indicates that good relationships with customers, whether professionally or personally, further the community’s goals and general well-being. Whether or not people directly benefit from having access to clean, nutritious, fresh, and good food, doing so is to the community’s greatest advantage. Knowing that size is not our strength, working toward resilience is the finest by struggling daily to avoid complexity by being competent and maintaining the title of providing local cuisine that is always appealing on the pallet.

My Leadership

Those, Who Would Be Placed Under Me, Need to Be Aware of Who I Am and My Responsibilities. This Knowledge Creates a Clear Distinction Between My Role and Sets an Example for Other Workers as They Would Also Understand How My Work Could Be Evaluated and What Kind of Expectations Come From Me. I Lead by Example, Which Means That I Would Like to Set a Standard for What Should Be Considered Proper Work and Professional Conduct. This Involves Mutual Respect and Politeness. I Am Committed to Developing My Organization and Subordinates Because I Believe In Selfless Service.

Leadership in Stress

True Leaders Are Born and Seen Under Stress. I Am Confident in High-Stress Tolerance After Successfully Getting Through Stressful Situations in Life. One Such Situation Involved Me Working On Several Projects While Managing On-Coming Phone Calls and Mediating Family Disputes Between My Cousins. Despite Being Overworked and Covered in a Wave of Stress, I Did Not Let Go of Personal Professionalism and Did Not Succumb to Insults or Escapism. My Emotional Intelligence Allowed Me to Comprehend the Feelings of Each Actor and Respond Accordingly in a Polite Manner. I Had to Postpone the Project Development for an Unpaid Overnight Duty, but I Was Able to Manage Every Event During the Day Properly.

Transformational Leadership

A true leader must have a clear vision of the future and the ability to share this vision with co-workers. This vision should be shared, discussed, and analyzed to receive different perspectives and make successful and beneficial decisions for the company. A true leader leads subordinates by setting an example and being a role model. At the same time, the subordinates have to desire to follow the true leader. To do so, I manage performance effectively. I assign tasks that could prompt or challenge my subordinates but will be manageable for each. It is easy to understand once a good relationship is established and emotional condition is analyzed. Nevertheless, to ensure every assignment is done properly, my role as a leader is to motivate my subordinates via respect, compensation, or speech.

Trust Development

Trust becomes another character-based strength founded on integrity and honesty. It proposes a commitment to trust in an individual means that the entrusting person has complete confidence in accomplishing particular tasks by the set standards and one’s best ability. To develop trust among the organization’s stakeholders, I encourage that person not to lie, steal, cheat, or tolerate those involved in such vices.

Open communication will promote the mentioned values to see the organization achieve the set goals while guiding the employees’ actions and management’s decisions. Respect for every individual becomes the key to personal leadership. Respect to me means giving due consideration to the rest of the organization’s members by treating them as they desire. Recognizing other individuals involves minding their time and setting multiple deadlines for completing tasks. I abide by a third rule where I expect the subordinates to obey my order, given that they recognize mutual respect and competence.


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