Al Safar Mosque in Indonesia

Islamic design is wealthy in embellishing designs. Mosques were built in the past as plain structures for offering prayers five times each day. Nonetheless, in the resulting periods, different highlights of ornamentation as arabesque were applied to the surfaces of mosques to depict heaven emblematically. In the Islamic world, the craft of calligraphy, and elaborate composition held a position of high standing (Kleiner, 2017). Muslim transcribers needed to duplicate the Koran’s consecrated words in content in a beautiful and artistic way that was hard to imagine. Entries from the Koran decorated the delicate pages of the sacred book and forms of calligraphy (Kleiner, 2017). The mihrab mass of Al Safar mosque in Indonesia is adorned by Kufic style calligraphy, and the rest conceal with glass outlined with triangle shape architecture (Jamaludin & Salura, 2018). The mihrab in numerous mosques represents a specialty in the wall that shows the direction of prayers.

There are other enhancing components of Al Safar typical to most mosques. For example, a vast calligraphic frieze or a cartouche with a noticeable engraving regularly shows up over the mihrab. Much of the time, the calligraphic engravings are citations from the Quran and frequently incorporate the date of the structure’s commitment and the benefactor’s name (Jamaludin & Salura, 2018). The design has a long foyer for supplications, as every other mosque does. This construction has a unique A-outline structure that is a simple and reasonable development to work in retreat regions like mountains and lakeside (Jamaludin & Salura, 2018). Its steeply slanting three-sided rooftop is simple to maintain (Jamaludin & Salura, 2018). A three-sided triangle is not just an image of a sacred spot but additionally plays as a formal structure to make the place spacious.


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