An Effective International Integrated Marketing Campaign

A comprehensive marketing campaign is a good demonstration of the Hyundai Elantra award-winning effort. To improve brand exposure among the younger, large number of followers, Hyundai worked with Spotify and artists in LA, Miami, and NYC to provide customers an industry insider perspective of the area (Kartajaya, Kotler, and Hooi, 2019). The city tours were made accessible to global audiences via Spotify recordings, allowing drivers to follow along from location to location simply listening to the audio. These instructions came in the form of audio, visual, and even a website with itinerary and stop explanations. This paper was written with the aim of studying a successful marketing campaign.

Superior technology, according to Hyundai, leads to a better shopping experience. Elantra Insiders, which is available on the official website, allows prospective purchasers to have unique early access to Elantra before it enters stores. This includes Showroom Live walkthroughs with designers and technology experts, the chance to which was before their chosen Elantra and monitoring notifications for car availability. A portable electronic gadget The Virtual Reality picture viewer may also bring the Elantra to live in a patient’s drive.

Spotify is digitized music, audio, and film service providing users with access to hundreds of songs and other material produced by artists all over the world. Spotify is compatible with a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, speakers, televisions, and automobiles, and people can effortlessly switch between them using Spotify Connect (Fleischer and Snickars, 2017). Spotify’s applications are the only way to listen to music and podcasts. Because of licensing, we are unable to export our material outside of the application. Many Spotify marketing campaigns involve creating a playlist of background music that brands then use in their establishments (Aguiar and Waldfogel, 2018). However, the case of a Hyundai is different; the brand decided to make a functional integration for drivers who use Spotify and drive a Hyundai Elantra, which will improve their travel time.

There are billions of internet users around the world, and while this strategy is frequently overlooked, it is one of the most effective when advertising a product or business. Website promotion is the deliberate advertising of a site in order to bring relevant visitors to it (Owoyele, 2017). Generally, the objective is to attract customers who are interested in a company’s products and services. More visits to a website imply more possibilities to present the value offer to potential consumers.

In this case, the site served as both a location to buy a car and an explanation of what the customer would receive. Because of the convergence of all of the primary factors and an already well-known company, everyone was aware of the announcement of some form of connection with the streaming service (Singh, 2017). Most online branding techniques aim to rank high in search engine results by utilizing search engine rankings approaches, digital marketing, social networking involvement, and other online and offline initiatives.

To summarize, a thorough marketing strategy exemplifies Hyundai Elantra’s award-winning work. Elantra Insiders, which is accessible online, provides prospective buyers with exclusive instant access to Elantra before it hits the shelves. The brand chose to create coordination and integration for Spotify users who operate a Hyundai Elantra, which will save their trip time. Website marketing is the intentional marketing of a business in order to get relevant visitors to it. In essence, the goal is to attract clients who are attractive to customers and services of a firm. In this situation, the website functioned as both a place to buy a car and an overview of what the consumer would acquire.

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