Apple Inc.’s Demographic and Technology

Demographic refers to the population about critical factors that involve race, age, and gender. Lately, Apple is the recent tech organization to publish the demographics of its workforce, where more than half of the workers are whites, with Africans taking the lowest percentage of 7% (Miller et al., 2021). Asian comes second to whites, with 15%, followed by 11% of Hispanics, while the rest are distributed across other nations around the globe (Miller et al., 2021). This information is used by the company in ensuring balance and fairness in employees’ selection.

Although the company has been making all possible efforts in ensuring balance in gender distribution, the attempt has proved to be difficult. Regarding gender, 70% of the company’s workforce is male and 30% female (Miller et al., 2021). In tech-related jobs, the most significant disparities exist where 20% of the total employees are female, and the rest of the enormous population is dominated by male workers (Miller et al., 2021). Additionally, most of the tech personnel are youths of 25-35 years, some of whom are newly recruited to replace the retired cohort (Miller et al., 2021). The company’s demographic diversity is similar to other tech firms like Twitter and Google.

The current demographics of the company are aimed at consumers with common characteristics that help the organization maximize profits resulting from increased sales. Some of the significant trends evidenced in the company recently include:

  • Market segmentation
  • Enhancing the earning abilities of its workers through organized in-service training
  • Geographical factors and their effect on the company’s operations
  • Literacy consideration in the new selection of employees

The recent changes experienced in the company range from the increased number of young millennials born in 1981-1996 to a higher number of retirees. In addition, the total shares of middle-class American households are reported to be reducing. The number of Christians within the company and outside is also declining (Miller et al., 2021). This is due to an increased number of people who do not profess any organized religion. Mothers have been the leading providers to their families recently, resulting in an increased number of employed women while others are looking for jobs in the industry.

In handling some of the above outlined recent changes, the company has initiated the following practices:

  • Recalling some of the older and experienced workers back to work
  • Extended careers to boost the earning capacities and promotion of workers
  • New pension plans to help retired employees in coping with the new outside-job experiences
  • The standard treatment of all employees to avoid issues that arise due to different religious beliefs
  • Ensuring a balance between the number of women and men employed in the organization

As seen in the above discussion, the change seems to have been handled more objectively; hence I say no to the ethical handling question. Since the entire process is likely to cause misconception, I would recommend the following activities before its initiation:

  • Proper training needs to be done
  • Ensuring high interest in embracing the new changes
  • Guidance and education on how to cope with the latest changes are necessary for the initial stage

Technology is the general application of acquired scientific ideals for practical aims in industries and other sectors. In the day-to-day running of the company in question, technology can be utilized in the following ways:

  • Enhances operation speed
  • Quick feedback time
  • Better and simple storage of information
  • Systems automation
  • Cost reduction in terms of time used and workforce

The types of technology used by the company include:

  • Record control system
  • Artificial intelligent
  • Client management systems
  • Mobile phone communication
  • Networking
  • Software

The change of technology by the company will have the following effect:

  • Faster decision-making due to access to information
  • Enhances responsibility for the management of firms’ outcomes resulting in the need for better planning (Rajesh & Babu, 2021).
  • A rapid change in managerial functions


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