Applying Quality Management in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is one of the most critical sectors to work in since it entails the involvement of fellow human beings. Individuals suffering from various health conditions need to be treated with utmost humanity when developing the appropriate intervention plan for their conditions. Healthcare institutions are required to ensure that they have put in place quality healthcare equipment to enhance affordable quality healthcare (Kelly, 2007). Data protection and analysis is one of the most significant factors within a healthcare institution since it enhances effectiveness in providing healthcare to the patient. Healthcare givers use data from various complex systems within the healthcare institution to make various healthcare decisions for their patients.

The effectiveness of data obtained from various tools and systems of a healthcare institution highlights the effect on the system’s behavior. Data within the system should match and flow according to the patient’s record. An appropriate tool helps in ensuring that a high-risk process of studying a given patient’s healthcare records brings about a positive result (Kelly, 2007). Graphical presentations are some of the most significant procedures in ensuring that the patient’s records are effectively analyzed to develop productive outcomes. As a manager of an ED, the most appropriate graphical representation that is very effective and insightful is the run chart graph.

The run chart graph enables an individual to determine whether there is a change in the central tendency or not. This graphical representation is effective in mastering the behavior of the healthcare system since it is easy to read. Run chart graphical representations are the most effective since they are the easiest methods of determining change within a healthcare institution (Kelly, 2007). Run charts also provide a healthcare giver with various ways to salvage various situations.


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