Avoiding Safety Risks in Walmart

Walmart is collaborating with others to improve the need for ethical recruiting methods to address possible hazards to the dignity and safety of workers in their supply chain. In addition, the organization strives to promote safe working conditions and gender equality. They promote projects in essential areas and supply chains where they feel the company’s efforts will have the most effect. Setting clear expectations for their suppliers is the first step in promoting the dignity of workers in the supply chain. These are outlined in the organization’s supplier standard, are compatible with its commitment to human rights, and serve as the cornerstone for the organization’s sustainability activities. These regulations apply to everyone that supplies Walmart with items for resale, as well as the facilities and agents they employ.

Walmart was a member of the Consumer Goods Forum, which pledged in January 2016 to make forced labor a significant priority for the sector. The Walmart Foundation has sponsored groups including International Justice Mission, Polaris, and Issara Institute that have strived to improve human dignity in the supply chain during the last two years (Neebe, 2020). Expectations on forced labor, worker safety, and workplace respect are all part of these guidelines. Audits, investigations, and other tools are used by the organization’s Responsible Sourcing compliance program to monitor compliance and hold suppliers responsible for respecting their standards (Harrison, 2019). Walmart has finally agreed to update 2,800 locations across 28 states and pay a $190,000 fine after repeated, and substantial OSHA violations were uncovered at different stores in 2017-2018 (“Walmart pays”, 2020). The fine was part of a settlement with the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after the agency discovered unacceptable safety concerns for employees at the Rochester store.

It was found to be identical to violations at other Walmart locations around the country. Walmart is the world’s largest private employer, but the corporation has been cited for over 100 OSHA infractions in the previous five years. Walmart has faced worker strikes, work stoppages, and greater scrutiny as a result of its dismal safety record (“Walmart pays”, 2020). Walmart employees are doubting the safety of their jobs and taking drastic measures to defend themselves as the number of COVID-19 instances rises. Employees have now devised a new method that enables them to report harmful working conditions in Walmart shops anonymously.

Walmart says employee safety is a primary concern and that it conducts health screenings, and temperature checks and provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to all employees. In addition, the company is striving to minimize the spread of the virus in its stores by putting sneeze barriers at registers. It is done by limiting the number of people in the store, and following best practice hygiene standards, as many other big retailers have done. However, Walmart has been accused of inadequately enforcing social distancing and a 6-foot minimum contact distance between personnel and customers in its shops (“Walmart employees”, 2020). Not only are personnel at risk if big stores do not follow the correct methods for limiting the spread of COVID-19, but consumers are as well.

In this case, one of the possible options will be the development of an open plan in which employees will be able to make their adjustments and suggestions. A prepared and properly elaborated draft plan for improving working conditions and occupational safety is being coordinated in all departments (Harrison, 2019). Optionally, an act is drawn up with the participation of a trade union (this is optional but is used in large companies). After that, the action plan can be issued as a section of a collective agreement or contract. All those responsible for its execution are included in it. The plan is drawn up in the final document, and signed by the head; then comes the approval by order of the enterprise. After it has passed all stages of approval, in large companies or at the trade union’s request, it may be necessary to publish it on the company’s website.


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