Benefits of Travelling: A Speech

Greetings! I hope you are all doing fine. Traveling is indeed on the to-do list of everyone, but what are the benefits of traveling to our lives? I have spent most of my adult life touring various destinations around the world in line with my professional duties. In these expeditions, I have favored learning about the different unique ways of life of people. Human populations all around the world have varying cultural practices, including languages, religious practices, and social habits. Therefore, today I would like to touch on the several advantages of traveling, including getting to meet new people, eating new foods, healthy benefits, gaining an education, and understanding new environments.

Going to new places improves our knowledge of the history, geographical features, and climate variations of new destinations. It helps one to understand the different modes of life practiced by people in other places. Touring provides an inspiration on the new ways of doing different tasks following social interactions with various people. Moreover, the attributes of travelling on the health of individuals cannot be underestimated. Traveling with our loved ones enhances bonding due to the increased number of hours spent together (Te Brömmelstroet et al., 2017). Healthy social interactions lead to the production of feel-good hormones necessary for promoting relaxation and reducing the risk of acquiring anxiety or depressive conditions.

Furthermore, going to new places makes us enjoy new dishes. People in other cultures have varying food preferences compared to those that we are accustomed to at our homes (Te Brömmelstroet et al., 2017). During vacations, we gain the opportunity to taste these foods. Touring enables one to have a firsthand experience of the new environments. Therefore, travelling promotes meeting other people, eating different foods, increasing education in addition to the other healthy attributes. Overall, the adventure we get from travelling provides an exciting experience. I call upon all of you to never miss a chance to explore the world. A new insight to life is found every time one travels.

Pictures of my Upcoming Trip to San Juan Puerto Rico

 San Juan Puerto Rico

 San Juan Puerto Rico


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