Breckinridge as a Place for Vacation

Recreation in Breckinridge is aimed at active people, as it consists mainly of active sports. Over the years, the number of sports and people who want to do it increases more and more. Müllner (2020) notes that the mass media in the 1960s and 1970s shaped the global mass skiing industry in ski resorts. In places similar to Colorado’s resorts, anyone can support the culture, relax, and experience many positive emotions. Breckinridge is a surpassing place for vacation as the city offers many leisure types, such as riding zip lines, snowmobiles, and snowboards, but sometimes it is too crowded, and active sport causes injuries.

Ziplining allows a person to feel zero gravity and enjoy the views. A human may feel that they are flying, gliding along the treetops from one point to another; the different option is when the route is laid so high that the person seems to fly like a bird in the clouds. According to Butler, “Zipliners can reach speeds up to 100 miles (161 km) per hour” (18). A high speed and being in the air allow one to increase the adrenaline and feel unique emotions. However, before that, a person needs to overcome their instinct of self-preservation and decide to go down the rope. According to Dupré et al., “ziplining can trigger intense emotions because of the speed and height inherent of the activity while also being a controlled activity” (2). The sensation of having no ground under the feet and high speed allows one to offload accumulated stress and feel happy.

Cities look entirely distinctive from above than from the ground. Sometimes it is a smooth geometric shape, and sometimes an abstract drawing or natural formation. A person can look at the city from the top of the viewing platform, but it does not cause violent emotions. Breckinridge offers a magnificent mountain view and the opportunity to watch the people who come down from the slopes. The mountainous terrain view from above is breathtaking, even for the most sophisticated travelers.

Snowmobiles allow people to approach unique places and see spots untouched by man, monuments of history and architecture and have a healthy rest. The snowmobile concedes to ride in the winter forest and see beautiful natural views in the spacious areas. Usually, the routes are divided into categories according to the preparation, duration, and vacationers’ location. Comfortable movement on snowmobiles releases to discern the surrounding beauty and leave positive impressions in the memory for a long time. Breckinridge’s unique feature is the diverse terrain, where passable ones duplicate tricky sections. Therefore, people choose the difficulty of obstacles for skiing and tours. Experienced users can drive through the most challenging sections in absolutely deserted places with beautiful views.

The city’s main street is a tourist attraction, where people can walk on their own or take a guided tour. It comprises shopping and viewing opportunities such as extensive food selection, shuttle bus, and gondola access to the ski resorts. The city area for tourists is relatively small, but there is always a place in the restaurant and the freedom to go to the slope. In addition to the main street, people prefer to go on excursions to the closed mines, which are historical monuments (Butler). A weekend in a beautiful small city and snowmobiling are considered healthy holidays, as the fresh air makes a person re-learn to breathe and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Snowboarding is a sport for the most enthusiastic people because it requires a large amount of energy and the ability to fall correctly. According to Vernillo et al., “Snowboarding as an athletic sport tests the boundaries of both physical and technical competence” (2). This entertainment is often compared to skiing by many criteria since both can be performed on the same slope. Beginners in the first days are taught to fall because it is the primary rule of compliance with safety regulations. Also, during the training process, people help the fallen to get up and can start communicating. Further communication leads to the friendship of like-minded people for a long time. Experienced snowboarders’ friends can arrange a competition that produces adrenaline and positive emotions.

Snowboarding is arguably better than skiing, as the equipment is lighter, cheaper, and easier to rest with it. Snowboarding appeared later than skiing, but it is developing faster. Snowboard equipment is cheaper, lighter, and can be upgraded faster. The design of snowboard equipment is being improved quickly, and in the future, it will be able to adapt to each individual through the width of the board and individual design (Subic 281). Additionally, if a body is tired on the slope, it is convenient to sit in the snow and relax. Breckenridge encourages snowboarders who come with friends with discounts on equipment rentals and group walks. A person must be well-prepared to learn how to snowboard, so the resorts provide all the conditions.

Crowds and injuries can ruin the holiday and entire life. There is a large flow of tourists in Breckenridge, which creates crowds and queues. Sometimes a man needs to check in advance for renting snowboards, snowmobiles and ziplining. Even if a person comes with their snowboard, the queue for snowmobiles and ziplining still has to wait. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to take a convenient time because of the large flow. It happens that a person has already got on the slope and cannot pass because of the people who have accumulated on the road. Waiting and crowds can cause negative emotions, as the person came to do active sports.

Such sports are traumatic and can cripple a person for a long time. Almost every person gets injured while learning to ride if they hit a snowboard. Most of the injuries address the head, as the rest of the body is protected by a particular suit. As Owens et al. stated, “Head injuries account for approximately 15% of all reported snowboarding injuries and are the most common cause of morbidity and death among snowboarders” (2). A person needs to be careful and observe safety measures to rest and not get injured.

Breckinridge is a great place to relax as it offers a wide variety of outdoor sports, but sometimes a person can get injured or have their rest ruined because of the crowd. Ziplining is suitable for people who want to get extreme sensations and see the city from a bird’s-eye view. Snowmobiling and excursions pass to see Breckinridge’s most beautiful natural spots and landmarks and have unforgettable memories. Snowboarding is suitable for the most active people, but the thrill is worthwhile. However, there are too many people in the city, making it challenging to ride and not get injured while doing active sports. Breckinridge combines the city’s tranquility and architecture with outdoor activities on the slopes, making it an attractive destination for all kinds of tourists.

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