Brisbane and 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games


The Olympic Committee has chosen Brisbane as the host destination for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The project involves numerous stakeholders to help ensure safe and reliable access to all amenities. Furthermore, the project consists of constructing and reconstructing the main areas in Brisbane, including the Brisbane Metro and parks. However, considering the project’s benefits, the city council expects the plan to be a significant legacy and support local businesses and tourism.

Suitable Project Selection Criteria

When considering suitable project selection criteria for the project, several elements must be paid attention to. For example, Brisbane 2032 will affect the image of the environment and community. According to Brisbane City Council (n.d.), the project aimed at 2032 will leave an Olympic legacy and incorporate sustainable approaches. Furthermore, another suitable project selection criteria are how it will affect customer needs and social responsibility. As per the estimations of the city council, the project is expected to benefit Queensland to the tune of $8.1 billion, including healthcare, volunteerism, and community benefits (Brisbane City Council, n.d.). Thus, such high revenues and relatively lower expenditures lead to a higher Benefit/Cost ratio (BCR).

Type of Organizational Structure

As for the type of organizational structure of the Brisbane 2023 project, it can be assumed that the project will use functional organization. According to PMBOK Guide, a hierarchical structure in which each worker has a distinct supervisor, where employees are organized into functional teams under the direction of subject-matter experts (Project Management Institute, 2017). In the Brisbane city council report, it is mentioned that Brisbane is now undergoing city-shaping initiatives, including the Brisbane Metro, Green Bridges, and the redevelopment of Victoria Park (Brisbane City Council, n.d.). Consequently, there will be a need for different teams with supervisors, implying a strict hierarchy.

Initiation Process Group and the Project Documents that are Created as Inputs for the Project

The PMBOK Guide presents a compelling model for guaranteeing total success in initiating projects effectively and systematically. The PMBOK Guide’s recommended practices state that the creation of a project charter and findings stakeholders is critical (Project Management Institute, 2017). Among the data that will comprise the project charter are the questions that will respond: why, who, what, when, where, and how (Pearson et al., 2018). When it comes to the project documents that are created as inputs for the project, it involves Statements of Work (SoW). The statement of work will be used by the managers of the Brisbane 2032 project since it will allow them to list all the requirements for the project. It will demonstrate the business value of the project and describe the project’s execution.

The Key Stakeholders and Their Roles

Lastly, it is critical to determine and evaluate all sponsors and other people affected by it. The stakeholders will include the government entities that will provide funding. According to Brisbane City Council (n.d.), various branches of government collaborated on the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games concept. Furthermore, transport stakeholders will play a key role since they will provide reliable routes (Australian Olympic Committee, 2021). Additionally, venue and construction stakeholders will play crucial roles in ensuring safe locations.

Executive Summary

Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games is a project that will be held in Australia. It will allow the local government, community, and other stakeholders to create a legacy, support local businesses, and boost tourism. However, when implementing an extended plan, it is crucial to consider the financial aspects and the organizational frameworks. The lack of a plan or distorted data can lead to adverse outcomes. After a close analysis of the Brisbane 2032 project and a synthesis of information from project management sources, several findings were made. The project’s selection criteria involve environmental and social impact, promotion of customer needs, and social responsibility. Furthermore, the project’s organizational structure might be functional organization due to the focus on different constructions and, thus, the need for hierarchy. Lastly, the initiation process group involves a project charter, Statements of Work as a project document, and key shareholders. While the former consists of the response to main questions, such as why, who, what, when, where, and how, the latter involves such entities as government, constructions, and venue.


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