Cannabis and Its Medical Benefits

Dissenting viewpoints are almost always present whenever the subject of Cannabis is discussed. I learned that there should be no disagreement that marijuana has many potential advantages, regardless of one’s position on legalization. The medical benefits of marijuana and its constituent parts have long been the focus of intense study and discussion. Other marijuana-based medicines have either undergone clinical trials or have received approval. Researchers believe that using refined compounds from or based on those in the marijuana plant in these drugs has a tremendous therapeutic promise than utilizing its unprocessed extracts.

What stood out for me is the potential addiction and other problems associated with Cannabis use. I firmly believe that marijuana and other recreational drugs should be used at the user’s discretion. However, intoxication at work or any other place should continue to be illegal. It is still unlawful to consume or be under the influence of any illicit substances in the workplace because of federal legislation like the Drug-Free Workplace Act. Unfortunately, the fact that marijuana would no longer be banned if Cannabis were legalized means there might be a loophole in the system that allows for problems like overuse.

What seemed outrageous or concerning was the limited research in some crucial areas like Cannabis use during pregnancy. Many expectant mothers turn to cannabis usage, given the evolving laws surrounding marijuana access and the rapid rise in pregnant women seeking treatment for substance use disorders over the past years. However, I was surprised that less research had been undertaken in areas such as the link between Cannabis consumption and miscarriage despite the enormous significance. As a result, the potential effects of marijuana usage during pregnancy on the health and development of the fetus require further study.

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