Different Social Movements

The movement you have described is an example of a reformation movement considering the military system. This movement has its origins in a critical incident that is beyond the moral limits of society’s approval. It raises the issue of reforming the military system as a whole and places great emphasis on a particular incident. In other words, the incident itself is seen not only in the context of the root cause of the movement but also as an individual case that deserves attention separately from the movement itself.

The civil rights movement you describe has a deep historical and ethical background. Revolutionary movements strive to change society by overturning the value system. Such acute and sustained movements do not arise based on a single incident; they arise based on constantly repeating actions that are unacceptable to a particular group, e.g., racism or sexism (Harper & Leicht, 2018). Because these issues are systemic rather than situational, the movements often last for years. After all, to eradicate systemic problems, serious reformation is needed, which does not happen quickly.

The movement you describe is an example of a norm-oriented movement. Such movements are guided by utilitarian goals, aiming to improve certain normative conditions; in this case, it aims to access supporting animals in public places. Furthermore, the movement also raises the issue of facilitating conditions for people who need emotional support. Indeed, among all age and social groups, there are large numbers of such people. The fact that the movement brings outcomes in improved conditions for support animals and their owners shows that the movement is thriving.


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