Maryland Technology Consultants’ Business Analysis


Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC) has continued to grow into a successful Information Technology consulting firm. The highly skilled consultants in this company have been working tirelessly to ensure that they deliver excellent IT-related services to clients who are won through competitive bidding. However, with the growing demand for services, the company needs to recruit additional consultants quickly, but the manual hiring exercise has not been efficient. The company requires a lasting technological solution such as Censia to improve the recruiting procedure.

Strategic Use of Technology

Business Strategy

MTC’s business strategy is to provide exceptional consulting services and recommendations to its clients by using highly trained consultants and staying aware of new business opinions and technology. However, the current manual hiring process has led to issues that have interfered with achieving this strategy since there is a high demand for new consultants daily, yet the recruitment process is slow and tiresome (Wang et al., 2020). The new technological system would enable the company to efficiently source and hire employees with essential skills from within and outside the country over a short period of time.

Competitive Advantage

The firm competes with other IT companies in bidding on requests for proposals provided by enterprises and non-profit organizations. The new recruitment structure using Censia would provide a competitive advantage for the company (Wang et al., 2020). The information in this new system would provide a guideline on how to hire the right employees for the right tasks and reveal hidden insights and capabilities to predict outcomes.

Strategic Objectives

The firm has a strategic business plan containing the long-term goals that it seeks to achieve. Setting specific objectives would help attain the goals, and a new hiring system through Censia would simplify it.

Strategic Goal Objective Explanation
Increase MTC business success by winning new contracts in IT Consulting Bidding more requests for proposals and partnering with well-established businesses every month. The new hiring system would provide information on the important IT areas that require consulting. Then, the firm can focus on hiring employees that can manage the specific tasks.
Build teams of IT experts internationally to carry out remote research and analysis support to MTC’s onsite teams in the U. S. Recruit twelve international experts in research analysis within the next six months. The new hiring system would allow applicants worldwide to apply for jobs online. The recruiters would then carefully follow up on the applications for these positions.
Continue to boost MTC’s ability to quickly avail professionals to award contracts to satisfy the clients’ needs. Shortening the duration used to hire employees by half. The system would help organize the profiles of different applicants according to the job description.
This would help the firm select the required employees who are well qualified.
Increase MTC’s competitive advantage in the IT consulting field by building its reputation for having IT experts who are highly qualified in leading modern technologies and innovative solutions for all customers Paying attention to branding and handling tasks with commitment. The improved structure would provide a platform for the firm to present itself as an efficient provider of IT solutions with engaged employees who work to satisfy client needs.

Decision Making

Role Level Possible Decision Informationthe Hiring System Could Issue to Support Decision
Senior Managers Chief Executive Officer Expanding services to include cyber security. Information on the qualification of employees for this task is provided through the system.
Middle Managers Recruiting Manager Providing more resources to the recruiting staff. By having the information on how many employees are required, recruiting staff can be given enough resources to perform their tasks effectively.
Operational Managers Administrative Assistant Creating a database for company records. The organization and access of records are made easier because the information is stored in the software.

The quality and amount of information that a company has to affect its decision-making efficiency. The use of Censia would help Maryland Technology Consultants managers make appropriate decisions that would contribute to growth.


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