Nutrition Report with the Tracking of Food Consumed


My daily recommended intake is 1853.0 kcal, and my average intake was 1923 kcal. Thus, it means that I was 69 calories over the target.


I drank about 10 cups of water a day. Given that, I can argue that, according to my three-day average, I fulfilled the average water consumption rate.

Protein in grams

My recommended protein intake is 56.25 g, and, as it follows from my reports for three days, my average protein intake was about 104.2 g. Consequently, it can be claimed that I have consumed enough protein during the period.

Carbohydrates in grams

My target estimated needs for carbohydrates are from 208.46 g to 301.11g; my daily average carbohydrates intake for these three days equaled 272.6 g. It should be mentioned that my carbohydrate intake was the largest on the first day, whereas during the third day, it was less. Thus, the analysis of nutrition for this period revealed that the amount of carbohydrates consumed is irregular.

Dietary fiber

My DRI is 38 g per day, and my average intake was about 14.6 g. Hence, the dietary fiber I consumed is less than the minimum recommended rate.

Total Fat, Saturated Fat, and Cholesterol

As for total fat, my goal was less than 30% of total calories. According to my reports from the website, my total fat intake was about 22% of total calories.

Concerning saturated fat, the intake of it should be 10% or less of total calories. According to the reports, the goal has been achieved.

During two days of three, I consumed more than 300 mg of cholesterol (about 367 mg), which is considered above the permissible norm. It is clear that organic eggs and wild Mexican shrimps caused the excess.

I consumed trans fats during the period. Biscuits and crackers could be the products I consumed that may have contained trans fats.

Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) and Linolenic Acid (Omega 3)

The target number of grams of Linoleic Acid is 17.0 g, while actual consumption was 11.572 g, which is only 68% of the recommended rate. DRI recommends consuming 1.6 g of Linolenic Acid, whereas I consumed 0.46 g, which is not enough.

Vitamins and Minerals


My DRI is 1.20 mg; my intake was 1.85 mg, which is considered to be sufficient.


My DRI for riboflavin intake is 1.30 mg; I consumed 1.796 mg.


According to my DRI, my niacin intake is supposed to be 16.0 mg; I consumed 35.97 mg.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)

I got enough amount of Vitamin B6, which equals about 2.6 mg.

Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)

The recommended intake is 2.40μg, and my intake was slightly more than 5 mg.

Folate (DFE)

My DRI recommends consuming 400.00 µg; my intake was adequate.

Vitamin C

My DRI for Vitamin C is 90 mg; mu intake was 149.312 mg.

Vitamin D (ug)

My consumption of Vitamin D was not enough; for Vitamin D, I need to eat fish, ricotta cheese, and yogurt.

Vitamin A (RAE)

According to the reports, my consumption of Vitamin A (RAE) was insufficient. For Vitamin A, I am willing to consume caviar, beef liver, and butter.

Vitamin A (IU)

My recommended daily intake of Vitamin A (IU) is 3000.00 IU, and I consumed 18,111.862 IU, which is enough.

Vitamin K

The DRI is 120μg, and my intake was about 179µg, which can be regarded as sufficient.


My consumption of Alpha-Tocopherol was inadequate; consequently, for Alpha-Tocopherol, I will eat olive oil, seeds, and nuts.


The recommended intake is 1000mg, and my intake was 762.188 mg, which means that this mineral was deficient. For Calcium, I need to eat seafood, vegetables, and dried fruits.


The DRI for Iron is 8 mg, and my intake was about 17 mg, which is sufficient.


The DRI is 420 mg, and my intake was 323 mg. To get more Magnesium, I will consume raw pumpkin seeds, wheat bran, and watermelon.


My DRI for Potassium is 4,700 mg, and my intake was 2393 mg. So as to consume more Potassium, I am willing to eat spinach, melon, and mushrooms.


The DRI for Zinc is 11 mg, and my intake was slightly less, reaching 10.04 mg. Thus, for Zinc, I will eat oysters, pine nuts, and lentils.


My average sodium intake was 2349 mg, which is more than the upper limit of 1500 mg. It is caused by the consumption of oven-roasted turkey breast, garlic chicken, and American cheese. These products contain high amounts of sodium, and I use the salt shaker sometimes.


Throughout these three days, I did not consume any caffeine or alcohol in my diet, which is not a problem for me. Consequently, my caffeine and alcohol intake cannot exceed the recommended one.

Source of Calories

  • Protein: The recommended source of calories from protein is supposed to be 10-35%. My consumption of protein was about 104.2 g, which equals 21.7% of total calories. In other words, it is considered to be within normal limits.
  • Carbohydrates: The recommended intake of calories coming from carbohydrates in my diet is 45-65%. Regarding my intake, it amounts to 56.7%, which is normal and sufficient.
  • Fat Total: The recommended intake of calories is 20-35%; my intake equals about 22%, which is within the normal range.

Food Groups and Calories

My recommended serving per day for grains is to consume at least 6.0 oz. eq. whole grains, I consumed 8.168, which is slightly higher than the recommended rate. My goal is to eat 2.5 cups of vegetables; I ate 1.359, and, consequently, I have to eat twice as many vegetables. As for fruits, I consumed 1.131 cup eq., while the goal is 1.5. Moreover, I took much less (about 9%) dairy than required. With regard to protein food, I consumed more than recommended (about 140%). My goal relating to oil is five teaspoons of oil a day, which has not been achieved. The amount of empty calories I consumed is 303 kcal, whereas the target was 161 kcal.

5 Keys to a Nutritious Diet

  1. Adequacy: I receive an adequate amount of calories, energy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, excluding Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Alpha-Tocopherol, which were insufficient.
  2. Balance: I ate enough vegetables and protein foods, while my consumption of fruits was insufficient. The group of empty calories was over-represented, while dairy was under-represented.
  3. Calorie Control and Moderation: I receive too many empty calories because of added sugars and saturated fats.
  4. Variety: Regarding variety within food groups, I varied my choices of foods within each food group slightly but preferred to eat the same products within the period.

Behavior Change

During this semester, I have been focusing on a nutritional change, which implies that I should eat more protein foods. Concerning my choices, I noticed that I started to prefer more healthy and protein-rich products, such as turkey breast and shrimps, which require special preparation. To reach the goal, I have motivated myself by spending more time on cooking and finding pleasure in the process.

Personal Opinion

Personally, I enjoyed the Diet Project as it taught me how to monitor my diet and identify problematic aspects. Moreover, when you pay attention to nutrition monitoring, you choose healthier products. Within the project, there were several problems related to the ability to remember all the foods, as it is an extremely painstaking work. The project confirmed that I consume too many empty calories. I would do this again and recommend this to my family and friends because this project is highly beneficial.

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