Organizational Culture in the Workplace

One of the topics discussed in the process of studying the information of this class, which aroused the greatest interest, was organizational culture. This aspect of the company’s work has value as it directly affects its success and maintaining competitiveness in the market. The first article to be analyzed in the framework of this scientific study will be a work entitled “Rio Tinto and the problem of toxic culture” from The Economist. This source often puts out various useful and highly informative texts on the topic of doing business, problems and ways to solve them. First of all, it is necessary to gain an understanding of what the source under study is. Thus, the main topic that is discussed in it is the emergence of toxic, in other words harmful, traits in organizational culture. At the very beginning of the article, the author notes a very important thing that sometimes it is difficult to track when the culture of attitudes and views within an organization becomes negative. An example is an external investigation commissioned by Rio Tinto into its workplace culture (“Rio Tinto and the problem of toxic culture”, 2022). The starting point for the scientific work was that many workers experienced bullying. Moreover, “almost a third of its female workers have endured sexual harassment and 21 women reported an actual or attempted sexual assault” (“Rio Tinto and the problem of toxic culture”, 2022, para. 2). These circumstances are negative dynamics for the formation of a correct and stable organizational culture, therefore they require careful research. What makes the case under investigation special is the fact that the company in which these harmful and undesirable events occurred published a report and apology from the firm’s boss. This step can and should be marked as positive, since this openness to the events that have happened creates trust in the organization on the part of employees.

Such a concept as organizational culture was discussed in this article. This component has a special role in the process of business functioning. Hence, if negative and harmful relations prevail within the organization, then the results of its activities will gradually deteriorate. Toxic organizational culture is also characterized by a low level of moral values, lack of communication between all employees involved in the process. Manifestations of negative corporate culture are harassment, bullying, sexual, physical or psychological violence. These manifestations of undesirable behavior seriously affect such aspects as employee retention and the desire to be productive in relation to the work that individuals perform. One of the main aspects that should be taken into account when considering this problem is the attitude to the company’s policy and employees. thus, when focusing on the first aspect, it jeopardizes the well-being of employees. This is due to the fact that in this case the employer may reduce attention to this aspect and reduce its competitive state. A toxic organizational culture also implies grouping employees among themselves. this behavior contributes to the normalization of unstable, negative and judgmental relationships between individuals employed in the organization. Therefore, the company and its managers should apply various actions and strategies to improve the corporate culture. This will help to significantly improve the environment in the company and limit the negative manifestations of a toxic relationship between employees.

4 Ways to Strengthen Recruitment, Retention and Engagement

The following article under study also examines the concept of organizational culture. However, unlike the first, the primary purpose of this scientific work is to provide information on ways to get rid of such negative factors as the dismissal of valuable personnel or a shortage of qualified workers. Thus, among the main factors that contribute to the development of these factors is the strengthening of such negative aspects as low pay, lack of advancement, and disrespect in the workplace (“4 ways to strengthen recruitment, retention and engagement”, 2022, para 1). All of them motivate employees to leave the organization, which negatively affects its productivity and performance. Thus, the article notes that the strengthening of such factors as recruitment, retention, and engagement is crucial for the organization and requires a particular emphasis on the part of managers. One of the proposed steps is to create transparency and encourage it by all employees and managers involved in the process. This aspect is highly valued in the work environment and enhances engagement and also organizational culture. This can be done by using an open salary reading for open vacancies. This step will help create a sense of equality between employees and candidates, as it does not contribute to the creation of false expectations and guesses. Moreover, transparency also includes complete openness to the culture that dominates the organization. This implies providing knowledge about what values the company has, first of all, in relation to its employees. Another step to strengthen the position and motivation of employees and improve organizational culture is the development and promotion of diversity in the workplace. In addition, it also includes components such as equality and inclusion. This helps to spread awareness that culture, race, gender, and worldview may differ among people, and this does not make them worse than others. In addition, other positive features of the development of these characteristics are the introduction of a creative vision into the company, collaboration, and engagement (“4 ways to strengthen recruitment, retention and engagement”, 2022). Other redefined drivers for the development of recruitment and retention are the provision of various unique benefits to employees and awareness and encouragement of performance.

Therefore, this article also raised the problem of the concept of organizational culture in the company. However, unlike the first, the primary purpose of this scientific work was to provide ways to improve the situation in the workplace. This contributes to an increase in the knowledge that was obtained as part of the classwork. Moreover, the aspect of providing unique benefits for employees as a way to increase retention, engagement, and recruitment has become particularly interesting for this scientific work. Thus, the study noted that “taking on philanthropic efforts or special projects demonstrates a mission-driven approach and builds engagement among employees, clients and the greater community” (“4 ways to strengthen recruitment, retention, and engagement”, 2022, para. 9). This information contributes to strengthening the opinion about the importance of correctly a developed and well-thought-out corporate culture as a way to increase the efficiency of the organization’s work. Further, the pursuit of a well-established organizational culture contributes to the creation of a sense of security, value, and support among the company’s staff. They will experience fewer negative emotions and experiences, and thereby, they will not have a desire to leave the company or show undesirable behavior towards others.


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