Osteoporosis: Risk Factors and Therapies

Risk factors present from Mrs. L’s history to the diagnosis of osteoporosis, and how they influence decreased bone density

Osteoporosis entails a disease that causes the depletion and disintegration of bone tissue as well as a loss of thickness and calcification. This may render an individual’s bone to be delicate, progressively permeable, and break more often. Osteoporosis may result from low body weight, it can be inherited or may stem from continuous usage of specific drugs (Pouresmaeili et al., 2018). It is more prevalent among women and the elderly than the youth. Cracks of the hip, spine, or wrist are most normal for patients with Osteoporosis. It can happen for a long period without detectable side effects. However, signs may include, bone cracks from minor damage, severe back torment, and temporary loss of stature among others (Pouresmaeili et al., 2018). In this regard, Mrs. L’s history displays various risk factors that undermine the production of calcium and bone development. For instance, the habit of driving and smoking without exercise together with high consumption of caffeine puts her at higher risk of getting the disease. Moreover, age, lifestyle, and decreased intake of calcium and minerals in the diet cause low bone density in women, which act as predisposing factors in her sickness.

Reason for the patient’s pathological fractures

A pathologic crack happens when a bone breaks in a range that was at that point debilitated by another infection. Osteoporosis, tumors, and other acquired bone conditions are causes of weakened bones (Pouresmaeili et al., 2018). In this case, Osteoporosis is the predetermined cause for pathological fracture in Mrs. L which predisposes her to times of falling and driving.

How could Mrs. L’s osteoporosis have been avoided?

Mrs. L may have avoided osteoporosis if she had cut back on her caffeine intake and quit smoking. Menopause and excessive caffeine consumption work together synergistically to raise the risk of losing bone mass, which might have been avoided by increasing milk or calcium intake instead of coffee.

Therapies available to the patient

Mrs. L may undergo various precautions and medications to solve her issue. First, she should quit smoking, as it lowers her calcium level. Second, rather than consuming too much caffeine, she should switch to a diet high in calcium and vitamin D. Third, she needs to make sure she exercises frequently to build strong bones. Bone is a living tissue that responds to exercise by becoming visibly more grounded. Regular exercise may prevent bone degeneration, and instead strengthen them. Lastly, she should undergo routine bone thickness examinations, which are essential for detecting osteoporosis early on and predicting one’s likelihood of breaking later.


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