Phenomenon of Stress: Effects That Stress Has on the Body

As our modern life is full of frustrations, deadlines, and demands, it is not surprising that stress is regarded as a usual condition of many people. Unfortunately, stress is characterized by numerous effects on the body, and, as a rule, these effects are negative. To gather the proper information and analyze the phenomenon of stress, it is necessary to use specific methods and choose appropriate data collectors like observations and self-reports (Polit 2009). There are many issues that usually cause stress, as well as many issues which follow from stress. The peculiar feature of stress effects is that body cannot recognize the difference between physical and psychological threats, this is why it is very important to evaluate how stress may harm people and what perspective has to be taken into consideration. Professionals admit that stress outcomes may be rather dramatic for people and even lead to death. Among the variety of effects’ classifications, it is necessary to distinguish between long-term effects and short-term stresses. Hewitt-Tailor (2001) suggests paying much attention to any possible factor that may influence the development of the events and to analyze qualitative data from various perspectives in order to achieve better results of such data collection. If stress is prolonged or repetitive, it is certainly necessary to ask for professional help and get some suggestions on how to cope with such pathological stress. Therapeutic massage may influence the body’s condition, however, much depends on how properly the stress effects are defined. If stress is considered to be a kind of body response to a threat or frustration, it is better to admit both conscious and unconscious physiological effects of stress on the body.

After a proper evaluation of the forms of effects caused by stress, it becomes easier to define how it is possible to measure these effects and prevent stress. Let us discuss what kinds of effects may be dangerous for humans as a result of their stress. First, stress may influence the physical condition of a person and such problems like tiredness, constant headaches, and pain in the back start disturbing people from time to time. To measure these outcomes, it is possible to use therapeutic massage and get a chance to relieve pain. Another significant effect of stress on the human body is directed to blood cells. Blood cells perform the function of the body’s protectors from numerous infections, this is why the possibility to get cold or other physical problems increases considerably. Stress also influences blood pressure, and numerous strokes and heart attacks may be inherent to people who suffer from stress and its outcomes.

All these effects of stress on the body are regarded as unconscious physiological because people cannot comprehend or prevent these outcomes after they go through some stressful situation.

Conscious physiological effects of stress are connected to the sexual life of people: because of stress, people feel that sex does not play an important role in their lives. As a rule, these effects influence sexual partners as well.

To measure this type of effect, it is also possible to make use of massage and other relaxing procedures to improve their physical condition and emotional state of mind. Considering the fact that stress is more subjective, it may happen that the same situation is stressful for one person and not stressful for another person. This is why while measuring the effects of stress on the body, it is also important to take into account factors like gender, age, social status, race, and psychological condition.

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