Restaurant Project in Dubai Healthcare City

The present paper describes a project for a coffee shop that will be located in one of the buildings in Phase I in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). The location for the coffee shop was chosen intentionally since it provides accessibility to a wide range of customers (Setting up Business, n.d.). In addition, if the coffee shop is situated in DHCC, the number of customers will be increasing. The area unites 4425 healthcare professionals, students, and medical tourists from all over the world as well as local Emirates who come to receive medical help.

The choice of Dubai healthcare city is due to the large crowd of people in this place who need a place to discuss personal and professional issues. Due to the presence of a large number of people with various diseases nearby, this institution needs to be made as accessible as possible. The concept of this institution is to provide a comfortable environment that creates conditions for communication between medical professionals and patients.

Project Background and Location

The coffee shop will be a recodification of a restaurant previously located in one of the buildings in Phase I of DHCC. The coffee shop will have two levels and an outdoor area. To make access to the outdoor area more accessible for the customers, the restaurant will be located on the first floor of one of the DHCC buildings. The restaurant will also have its own kitchen and a grab-and-go section, coffee bar, salad, and cake counters on the lower level.

The Google image of the coffee3 shop
The Google image of the coffee3 shop

The Name and Description of the Coffee Shop

Since the coffee shop will be located in a healthcare institution, it seems logical to relate its name to the field because such tactics will help attract customers more actively. The possible name option may be The First Coffee-Aid. The coffee shop will be designed for various clientele of different ages, ways of life, and income levels. At the same time, the customers’ core consists of the healthcare professionals and students who either work or study at DHCC. The coffee shop will suggest a wide range of coffee and menu options; both doctors and students often have little time for sleep and preparing healthy and substantial meals. Thus, the restaurant will aim to provide them with fast and high-quality food and drinks and save time for work or studies.

Economic Objectives

The main economic objectives for the coffee shop may be divided into three parts. The first one will relate to the business’s profit; thus, the coffee shop will earn over ninety thousand dollars within the three years. The second economic objective considers the clientele of the coffee shop. Therefore, the business aims to form a solid base of loyal customers who like the restaurant’s products and attend them regularly. The loyal clientele will help the company expand within the DHCC area since the customers may be interested in opening another coffee shop near their houses or the appearance of a home delivery option. Finally, the third objective concerns the company’s employees, since apart from getting income and meeting the customers’ needs, the business should take care of its workers. That is why the owners should pay fair salaries to their employees and give them career growth opportunities and more knowledge in the field.

Strategy, Goals, Mission & Vision

Business strategy is the crucial instrument that contributes to the company’s successful existence and work. The business strategy for the coffee shop will target the development of customers’ loyalty to the brand. To do that, the marketing specialists should analyze the target audience with the help of customer development interviews. It will help establish the interests of the audience and its needs, both conscious and unconscious, and show the potential clients how the company may fulfill them. Another issue that should be taken into account when developing the business strategy is the analysis of the competitors. It is necessary to choose the coffee shops in the same area and establish the differences between them and the restaurant in question. Finally, it is impossible to build it without setting the company’s mission and goals (Reddy, 2018). The mission of the coffee shop may be defined in the following way: to provide the customers with fresh and well-prepared food and drink at a reasonable price. In addition, the restaurant’s atmosphere should allow the clients to relax after a busy day.

The goals of the business concern ensuring the high quality of the food and services as well as a friendly and comfortable atmosphere during the working hours. Apart from that, the business may develop special offers such as complimentary breakfast for the medical personnel staying on the night shift or special discounts for students and patients of the medical institution. The goals related to business promotion concern target advertising on Facebook or Instagram and regular and interesting e-mails to loyal customers. Another instrument that will help in promoting the business is its vision. One of the coffee shops may be as follows – a place where anyone can relax after a busy day while the food and drinks it offers will help forget about problems for some time.


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