The Beginnings of America’s History

It seems that people have always desired to explore new lands due to their nature. For ages, America was regarded as one of the most mysterious places and described in literary works as a land of hope. A long time before the continent was discovered by Christopher Columbus, people had believed in the existence of a land completely different from theirs. Thus, the arrival of Europeans in America and the establishment of a new state were a natural turn of events.

It is well-known that the vast lands of America had been inhabited for many centuries. Although the coming of immigrants from northeastern Asia and Norse seamen does not signify the beginning of the United States’ history, it points to the presence of America in the world’s imagination as an idea (McClay 68). It was an encouraging thought of starting a new life governed by fair rules and laws. By the end of the fifteenth century, all conditions were created in Europe for bringing this idea to life. According to McClay, Europe became a place of pervasive change and innovation, fresh energies and disruptions (71). The old-fashioned way of life was inconsistent with the development of the dynamic economics of trade. At this moment, the unintentional discovery of America by Columbus opened a new chapter in the world’s history. Even though Columbus underestimated his achievement, it gave shelter to thousands of future immigrants striving to change their lives.

Therefore, America has always been for Europeans somewhat of another dimension waiting to be found. Separated from Europe by the Atlantic Ocean, it was covered with the veil of secrecy. Before the era of colonization, people did not succeed in exploring America, but the arrival of Columbus became a crucial point and started counting down the years before the foundation of a new powerful empire.

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