The Human Resource Department: Strategic Plan

Human Resource is one of the crucial elements within any organization due to the field of productivity they are responsible for. Essentially, the HR department optimizes the effective communication between the company’s short-term and long-term goals and the efficiency of labor supply (Dessler, 2016). Thus, the functions of HR are in alignment with the strategic goals related to hiring employees and increasing the general sales of a company.

Since the Human Resource department is mainly concerned about the prevention of workforce shortages and the relevant assignment of job positions to workers, its functions are directly connected to any company’s goals related to the hiring process. Essentially, once a medium-sized aviation company determines a goal of hiring 50 employees during the calendar year, the HR department has to figure out the solution for it by finalizing the employment strategy. Similarly, the company’s goals in the field of sales are highly dependent on the quality of work of the employees and the effectiveness of HR strategies related to workers (Barbalho et al., 2021). This way, HR has a major responsibility in the realization of company-based predicted achievements through the organization of the strategies and their effective application within employees’ selection.

As HR’s strategy is massively influential in the general dynamics of the company, in order to ensure the maximum efficiency and detailed planning, it is separated into the parts of specific focus. Hence, there are necessary gradual steps within the general process of strategic planning. The first one is the evaluation of labor supply relevant to the company’s context and background. Then, there is the prediction of the required amount of working hours with respect to meeting the goals of the company. The most significant step of all is the comparison of labor supply and demand, as it provides an overview of what has to be modified by HR and highlights the areas of improvement. Finally, the last step requires the analysis of possible decisions that could contribute to the productive correlation between labor supply and demand in order to meet the company’s short-term and long-term goals. Together, these steps create a narrative of the influential processes within the Human Resource department that defines the effective response and alignment with the interests of the company.

One of the goals highlighted by the aviation company is the increase in sales of its shipping services. Hence, HR’s plan has to effectively identify the ways to reach higher sales through the improvement of labor management. For instance, in the Human Resource plan designated to execute a strategy, the combination of the steps discussed previously creates a wide perspective of possible productive solutions. After evaluating the correlation between labor supply and demand, HR’s responsibility is to define the key qualifications and characteristics necessary for further hiring processes. The department analyses the benefits and disadvantages of the current working dynamic and figures out the missing qualities necessary to reach the goal set by the company. Essentially, HR’s plan related to this specific goal will focus on hiring relevant employees by selecting traits that are significant for short-term and long-term success. Therefore, the main objective of HR will be to evaluate the necessary attributes that will affect the company’s shipping sales rates, which means that its role in reaching the goal will be indirect.

The second goal of the organization is to hire 50 more workers during the calendar year. Unlike the first goal, this task’s succession is directly ruled by HR. Since the department specifically focuses on evaluating people for employment positions, it has to figure out the proportion between the rates of hiring and the qualifications of the potential workers in its plan. Hence, the main details of the plan in this context will be defining the core qualities eligible for the future employment of the candidates. This step is closely related to the company’s previous goal, as, in order to increase the sales rates, HR has to determine the qualities that would guarantee further success.

In the end, the development and finalization of the strategic plan of the HR majorly contribute to the future success of the company’s ideas. Since the Human Resource department is directly responsible for evaluating people’s quality of work, by having specific standards and approaches reflected in the plan, the department can function more precisely and efficiently. In case of increasing the sales rates, developing a specific plan permits the organization to have better and more stable control over the quality of work performed by the employees (Rahim et al., 2018). Additionally, within the increase of labor required to enhance the services that the company provides, the plan of the Human Resource department regulates the working standards. It sorts the candidates for employment by the possible contributions they can make towards the short-term and long-term goals. The relevance of the finalization of the plan is similar to the context of the second goal of the company, which is to hire more workers. Defining specific qualities for selecting the company’s needs allows for finding productive choices for future employees.


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