The Importance of Proper Crisis Management

Essentially, the course Crisis Management is beneficial because it discusses the relevant issues associated with disasters in the United States, both man-made and natural. When a disaster happens, the priority is to respond fast and efficiently. The complex nature of large-scale disasters necessitates governance structures that quickly integrate numerous emergency personnel under often chaotic scenarios (Nowell & Steelman, 2019). Proper crisis management can be vital in this first emergency phase, involving pre-established structures for assistance, alignment, and concrete action; in particular, crisis management necessitates leadership.

The current event that crucially affected the USA and the whole world is the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of a sense of community responsibility in mitigating the effects of viral replication. Many people around the globe have obeyed the call to isolation and self-distance, but a large majority of individuals appear to be unaware of their obligation to others (Boyd & Martin, 2020). Hence, public administration is critical in facilitating crisis management and resolution. Officials and security organs also play a vital role in characterizing crisis proximity to create a community context that fosters a sense of community responsibility.

Crisis management during terrorist attacks is a responsibility of PDD 39 and HSPD 5, which are security organs that protect Americans from and deal with terrorist acts. For instance, HSPD 5’s goal is to optimize how the United States government handles internal violence cases by establishing an effective, solitary national incident management system. As a result, crisis management encourages a coordinated and collaborative approach at all security levels. The success of crisis management of disasters depends solely on adequate coordination and political leadership.


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