The Need for Affordable Drug Rehab Centers

The drug addiction problem does not only affect those people who actually use illegal substances, but also their families, friends, and other members of the community. The victims of such circumstances are often unable to help themselves; thus, they rely on government representatives to provide the necessary guidelines and conditions. Richmond city officials and addiction city representatives should address the drug epidemic and the need for affordable rehabilitation/detox centers as the overdose and drug-related issues continue to rise, and these issues affect the whole city.

The Drug Addiction Situation in Richmond, Indiana

Indiana has a relatively high concentration of illegal drug activities when compared to the neighboring states. Prescription medicine abuse, methamphetamine laboratories, and alcoholism remain a significant concern at present (Rehab Center, 2020). Richmond has been experiencing increased illegal substance activities, which leads to high numbers of drug-related deaths (McGill, 2017). Seeking and receiving professional medical help in time may start the rehabilitation process for addicted people. Eventually, they could be able to overcome the drug problem and return to regular life. However, several factors affect the possibility of such an optimistic scenario. They include the presence of an appropriate rehabilitation facility, the space, resource availability for each particular patient, and the treatment cost.

Rehabilitation Facility

Some may argue that rehab institutions should only provide the basic care for the patients. That is not sufficient, as for someone with an addiction problem the personal support, cleanliness, variety of activities, and comfortable conditions may be key factors for the recovery. The rehabilitation process is individual for every particular customer, so one-on-one sessions with the specialists increase the possibility of successful recovery. Once the appropriate method is defined, the patients may start the therapy that might include detoxication programs, psychological conversations, art or sports activities, or other needed procedures. Gathering and motivating the qualified educated specialists in one facility is a complicated project that should be guided by government officials. Relatives’ support and connection play an essential role in the drug addiction treatment as well, so family programs need to be incorporated in the facility programs to ensure the effectiveness of the methods (Estes, 2017). Finally, the facilities have to be isolated enough for the patients to be distracted from their everyday problems, but at a distance that can be easily covered by personal vehicle or taxi ride.

Rehabilitation Cost and the Need for Affordable Centers

The cost of detoxication and rehabilitation after substance abuse may include several thousand dollars, which could be too expensive for many drug victims who are likely not to have a permanent job or high income. At the same time, insurance programs, such as Medicaid and Medicare, cover some of the payments associated with the rehabilitation process (Juergens, 2020). Unfortunately, drug addiction victims often do not meet the conditions required by private treatment facilities. The best solution for this issue seems, again, the government officials’ support in creating the service system for affordable or free rehabilitation programs.

The Interest for the City Officials

While affordable rehabilitation program is a personal issue for the victims’ recovery and their families’ well-being, one may argue that the city of Richmond does not have a direct interest in the construction and support of affordable rehabilitation center. That is not a correct statement, as a correlation exists between the presence of substance-abuse-treatment facilities and the reduction of both violent and financially motivated crimes in the area (Bondurant, Lindo & Swensen, 2018). It is in the government’s interest to control the illegal activities in the city while improving the well-being of the people.


COVID-19 made last year challenging for more countries of the world, and the US was not an exception. It may not seem to be the appropriate time for the new government projects as the economic flow does not circulate in American as freely as it did before the coronavirus. This argument should not stop the politicians from providing the best possible solutions for their cities and towns in the current situation. Under stress, people began to exhibit frustration, anxiety, and psychologically abnormal behavior. The pandemic, lockdowns, political instability, and racial conflicts have led to protests (Fox59 Web, 2020). Drug substances became an attractive method for the citizens and guests of Richmond to escape from the negativity of reality. Now would be the right timing for the city officials to show their support and help the people to receive professional help if they need it. Many lost their jobs or had to reduce the family budget because of the unpredictable future. All the residents of Richmond, Indiana, are likely to support the appropriate and convenient facilities for drug rehabilitation in their city.


Richmond experiences an increase in drug abuse and its negative effect on the community. Today society is uncertain about money spending and limited in financial earnings because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The official city representatives need to address the drug problem and provide affordable or free rehabilitation/detox centers for those who need them. The capacity of human physical and mental abilities cannot be measured precisely, but helping the citizens regain confidence in the future has the potential for a supportive and prosperous community.


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