The Sacred and Secular Divide

The worldview, values, and beliefs affect all aspects of human life. However, some individuals with strong religious beliefs may find themselves in a situation of the sacred and secular divide. The sacred can be freely manifested in the church while reading the Bible, or in the family, and secular life is the rest of the time, free from religion. This division has an oppressive effect on Christians and their engagement in culture. Divide can be an obstacle to honest communication between believers and society, and faith can be perceived as inappropriate. Williams (2018) notes that separation can also lead to guilt among believers, inciting them to believe that God is not satisfied with the existing power of faith. Despite the prevalence of the sacred/secular divide, it has no biblical basis and should not affect the faith of Christians.

I feel the influence of the sacred-secular divide even during regular communication in society. Sometimes, to express my emotions, and feelings or find personal comfort, I can talk about faith and Christianity. However, the division makes me wonder whether a specific comment will be appropriate, and this imposes certain restrictions on the manifestation of my personality. Divide should not affect society so much, since all that people do, they do for the glory of God. To reduce the sacred/secular divide, I can first overcome it on my own, recalling that faith is part of me and I have the right to express myself. In society, I can remain myself, and if someone expresses dissatisfaction with my beliefs, I may try to explain the importance of faith to me. At the same time, I consider it crucial to remember that not everyone might express understanding and not start disputes.


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