The Success of the Sony Company’s Strategy


Sony is a Japanese multinational that manufactures consumer and professional electronics. It also owns music services, film studios, and video game studios. Sony has enormous potential, capabilities, and resources to implement consumer services. The company has gained widespread exposure not only through its quality products but also through its connections in marketing and communicating with consumers. Sony’s mission and vision are positive factors that enable it to penetrate the international market and drive audiences.

Sony Mission and Vision

Sony’s strategy is based on continuous development to meet increasing demands. The company is interested in creatively seeking discoveries and technologies that will make users’ lives comfortable (Hill & Hult, 2018). The company is paving the way for users in which Sony products will be iconic brands of comfort, safety, and quality. Sony’s mission is to satisfy consumers’ curiosity to find their comfort boundaries (Sony’s mission/vision, n.d.). It is achieved through an emotional connection with the company’s products: consumers can realize their dreams through them.

Sony’s vision is based on enjoying life formed by receiving inspiration. Sony states that a sense of awe and joy are the main objectives they strive for (Sony’s mission/vision, n.d.). Their technology will allow one to experience the world through sound, video, and photos. The company’s diversity and commitment to creating unique products are at the vision’s core (Hill & Hult, 2018). Sony is committed to continuous development, pushing its consumers to do the same, learn new things, and change the world together.

The mission and vision are elements of the corporate philosophy that convey the company’s purpose and desires for the future. While the mission reflects the company’s strengths, the vision focuses on lofty goals. The mission influences how the vision is communicated to the masses: it determines the direction in which the society interprets the high purpose of the organization. At the same time, the vision forms the focus of the mission and creates the conditions for the company’s benefits to be revealed. For Sony, the vision influences the mission because development is achievable with a specific goal of comfort and enjoyment. The mission influences the vision through an awareness of the boundaries of pleasure and an understanding that the joys consist in satisfying one’s curiosity.

Manager’s Entry into the Regional Market

Expansion into regional markets is necessary to expand business in sectors not previously heard of. This will help spread the load evenly and build strong territorial cores for the business. One intriguing strategy for entering a regional market is to create videos with the company’s mission and business promotion. The videos can include demonstrations of the company’s everyday life: how employees cope, approach their work, and why they work here. It is essential to demonstrate a genuine desire to move forward and explore new horizons. One can also use motivational speeches with simple examples in the video: this will bring the potential consumer closer to the business, and they will want to buy the product. For example, Sony has spread because they could reach out to other people with simple videos about their philosophy.


Sony is an international company that has achieved success through quality products and a successful consumer communication strategy. The company’s mission is shaped, so the consumer understands the value of progress and the need for curiosity about life. The vision demonstrates that the mission is achievable with innovation satisfaction. They influence each other and create a unified core corporate philosophy and allow the consumer to be imbued with the company. Simplicity and sincerity are essential in reaching regional and global markets, and managers should look for ways to enter them creatively.


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