Video Production: The Family Feud TV Show

The TV show that I watched is Family Feud, which regularly airs on weeknights and weekends on WBNX-TV. The show airs between 7:00-7:30 PM and 9:00-9:30 PM and Sundays from 7:00-7:30 PM (WBNX). The show was closed-captioned; by default, its subtitles are enabled. The fact that the TV show has been broadcast for decades and continues demonstrates its popularity. Thus, the television network broadcasting the show can enable or disable it based on their audience preferences.

The show’s popularity stems from its concepts from the scripts to the acting. The host asks two separate families featured in the show to name the most popular responses to survey questions that nurture togetherness. The show helps family members appreciate each other based on their gifts and abilities. The production team has always made excellent choices for the game show hosts to make sure that the general concept is received hilariously. Thus, if a family loses, they do not feel like it is the ultimate misfortune. With a host such as Steve Harvey, who tends to be hysterical, and the contestants’ ridiculous answers, there is no way one can get bored by the Family Feud Show (WBNX). The show’s move from using 2D monochrome graphics to 3D has also helped support its uniqueness and grow its viewers. The colors have been used moderately, making it easier for viewers to read texts or subtitles and watch their favorite host hilariously asking the two participating families questions. The show can thus be watched by anyone, even those individuals who have epilepsy. The overall happy mood captivated by the host sets a joyful and humorous tone that can make the participants forget they were competing.

Syndicated commercials and promos are profitable to local commercials because advertising is done by multiple TV networks and radio stations both locally and internationally. Therefore, a large audience is reached in a cost-efficient manner hence growing sales. The disadvantage of syndicated commercials is that they are costly compared to local commercials and promos, and thus, they are only viable for those businesses with substantial capital.

The show’s credit takes approximately a minute, appearing at the end of the show. It is demonstrated on the screen just a minute before the end of the show and simultaneously ends with the show; a split-screen is not used. The show’s credit is given to the host, the teams in charge of production, and the production house. The show’s creators also use the platform to promote the Family Feud online game and Family Feud Trivia Box Card game, which has been effective in the sense that millions of these games have been sold globally. The show had both the mid and terminal station breaks. The mid-station breaks happened three times in the show, and each took approximately 2 minutes, while the terminal station took approximately 3 minutes (WBNX). Before going for the breaks, the host alerts the viewers, and thus, it is easier to know the mid and the terminal station breaks.

With regard to the show, there are several points that might have an impact on my video production career. For instance, I learned what credit is, how it is presented, and the importance it carries in a TV show or a movie. Another aspect that I learned is understanding syndicated television and first-run shows or movies as far as their continued existence is concerned. I had thought that since the world is technologically advanced, there is no need for a first-run syndicate since all the renowned TV networks reach everyone today, and online streaming is available. However, I changed my mind since, during my research, I found more TV shows and movies.

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