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Need to detect AI-looking content in your essay? This ChatGPT Detector will quickly scan your text and assess every word as to how likely it is to be used by artificial intelligence.

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Are you looking for an AI Essay Checker? Try our innovative tool! It can easily recognize ChatGPT-generated texts and academic papers. You'll be how fast and effective our AI Detector Essay is.

Below, you will find a detailed explanation of the tool's features and how it works.

ChatGPT Detector: Interpreting the Results

In this part, we will explain how to understand the AI Detector Essay report and use it to improve the text. The tool's output consists of two parts: AI-likeness word assessment and detailed text analysis.

Top Words Count Chart

First, the tool divides all words from your piece into 4 categories:

🟥 Red. The words that are the most likely to be generated by AI. These are the top 10 Chat GPT and other tools typically use in the related topic.

🟧 Orange. These words are less likely to appear in AI-created texts.

🟩 Green. Words in the green category are not typical for automated text generators.

🟦 Violet. These words are the least likely to be used by AI in the related topic.

The tool also shows what percentage of words in the text belong to each category.

Text Analysis

Below the chart, you can see your text highlighted in four colors – the same as in the chart above. That is, if your words are marked red or orange, these words are very likely to be used by AI for your topic. Accordingly, words highlighted in green or blue are unique and not typical for Chat GPT and similar bots.

This way, you can visually see the scope of AI content in your piece. Look for a high concentration of green words and replace them with less AI-typical terms. To do this, click on each word and choose from five synonyms our machine offers.

⚙️ AI Detection Essay – How It Works

Our AI detector essay tool is very simple and user-friendly.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Paste the text. You can paste up to 4500 symbols at once. If you have a bigger text, just divide it into several parts.
  2. Add description and topic. This feature is optional. The description field is limited to 250 symbols.
  3. Click the "Analyze" button. Our AI essay checker will immediately process your text.
  4. Read the detailed analysis of the text. You can find a detailed description of each part of the text report in the passages below.

✨ AI Essay Checker Benefits

Besides the detailed text analysis, our ChatGPT Essay Detector has these advantages:

🌈 It's free No cost to access and use the AI detector for essays. There are also no additional fees for any other features of the tool.
👁️ It's visual Our tool uses charts, colors, and text analysis to present information.
🤝 It's user-friendly The interface is easy to use and navigate, requiring minimal technical knowledge.
🔎 It provides a detailed analysis The tool offers in-depth insights and breakdowns of the analyzed text.
⌚ It saves time You can quickly analyze as many texts as you want instead of doing it manually.

📝 Polish Your Essay with or Without AI – Bonus Tips

And here are some additional tips for students who want to excel in writing:

  1. Choose a topic that fascinates you. Select a subject that you are genuinely passionate about. Your enthusiasm will come through in your writing and engage the reader.
  2. Include some unique details or facts. Incorporate intriguing information or compelling statistics that add depth and captivate the reader's attention. This will make your essay more informative and engaging.
  3. Use active voice. Active voice adds energy and directness to your writing, making it more dynamic. It emphasizes the subject and enhances clarity and impact.
  4. Be clear about your ideas and what you want to say. Ensure that your thoughts are well-structured and organized. Clearly articulate your main points, supporting evidence, and arguments.
  5. Think about your opinion on the subject. Expressing your perspective on the topic adds a personal touch to your essay. It invites readers to consider different viewpoints and promotes a deeper connection with the text.
  6. Avoid repetitive phrases. Repetition can be monotonous and dull. Vary your vocabulary and sentence structure to keep the essay fresh and engaging.
  7. Use figurative language. Metaphors, similes, and descriptive language bring your essay to life. It paints vivid imagery, evokes emotions, and engages readers on a sensory level.
  8. Avoid cliches. Cliches are overused expressions that can make your essay sound predictable and unoriginal. Instead, look for fresh and unique terms that reflect your voice.
  9. Proofread. Carefully review your essay for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Typos and mistakes can distract readers and lower the quality of your writing.

❓ AI Detector for Essays: FAQ

❓ How Does AI Detector Essay Work?

An AI detector essay uses algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify patterns specific to AI-written text. It examines grammar, vocabulary, structure, and context to determine if AI generated a text. After that, it provides a report of the analyzed text. The tool highlights words in different colors that indicate their probability of being AI-generated.

❓ Is It Ethical to Generate Text with the Help of AI?

The ethics of generating text with AI depend on many factors. While AI is a powerful tool for content creation and automation, there are several ethical concerns. These include issues like misinformation, bias, potential misuse, and plagiarized content. Using AI responsibly and with transparency, accountability, and human oversight is crucial to mitigate these ethical concerns.

❓ What Type of Content Can ChatGPT Generate?

ChatGPT can generate different content, including general knowledge, creative writing, technical explanations, conversational responses, and storytelling. However, the quality and accuracy of the generated content depend on the input, training data, and limitations. Chat GPT works better if you provide it with well-written specific prompts.

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