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Even though some studies show that school uniform’s adoption improves students’ performance, school uniform should not be adopted at schools because it limits students’ individuality, it is a burden for low-income families, and it restricts students’ physical activity.

Whereas some studies show that school uniform’s adoption improves students’ performance, school uniform should not be adopted at schools given that it limits students’ individuality, it is a burden for low-income families, and it restricts students’ physical activity.

🔧 Thesis Statement Tool Main Functions

A thesis statement is a sentence in the opening paragraph of an essay. It defines the main idea and the purpose of the paper. A good thesis statement guides the readers through the structure of your text and gives a better understanding of your ideas. A thesis statement is one of the fundamental parts of the paper, and at the same time, this is one of the most challenging parts to write!

We’ve created a free online thesis statement generator to help you make the best possible thesis statement. Our tool was designed to help students with all types of writing, including the most common ones like argumentative and cause-and-effect essays. Give our thesis statement generator a try to make your essay stand out!

🤔 How to Use Thesis Statement Generator Tool?

There are several things to consider if you want to develop a successful thesis statement. We’ll guide you through the essential questions regarding our thesis statement tool to ease this process.

1. What Is the Main Idea of the Text?

The main idea in an essay is the central point you want to communicate to readers. Indicating the main idea is important because it ties all of the sentences and paragraphs in your essay. To identify the main thought in your writing, ask yourself: “What do I want readers to learn?”. Try to state the main idea of your essay directly, especially if you are writing an academic paper.

2. What Is the Conclusion of the Text?

A conclusion is an essential part of the essay because it reminds the reader of the contents and importance of your writing. For most academic papers, a conclusion usually restates the thesis statement, summarizes the arguments, and pulls everything together to help clarify the paper’s main idea. Remember that you need to remind readers of the thesis statement in the concluding part, so they can connect it with the argument and solutions you propose.

3. What Is the Opposing Opinion?

An opposing opinion is a viewpoint contrary to the one you support in your essay. In academic writings, counter-opinions must be backed up to display that you’ve researched all the existing views on the problem. Brainstorming a list of opposing ideas might be challenging, but it demonstrates your deep understanding of the topic. Finally, you need to reflect the opposing opinion in your thesis statement to show that the topic you explore is a matter of debate.

📝 Examples of Good Thesis Statements

Below, you will see examples of good and bad thesis statements. Pay attention to the notes at the end of each sample.

Bad Thesis Example Good Thesis Example Note
The Northern and Southern states participated in the Civil War for many reasons, some of which were different and some the same. While both Northerners and Southerners believed they fought against oppression, Northerners focused on the oppression of enslaved people while Southerners defended their right to self-govern. An effective thesis statement cannot be too general. It should precisely reflect the key ideas you discuss in your writing.
Nowadays, educators believe cell phones can be helpful learning tools. Many parents argue that cell phones are a distraction for students, but educators understand that utilizing new mobile technologies can turn cell phones into helpful learning tools. Remember to introduce the opposing opinion when writing the thesis statement, mainly when you write on a controversial issue.
Reading can develop a child’s analytical skills. When children are encouraged to read, they foster comprehension skills, develop vocabulary, and expand their knowledge of the world around them. Words like “can” or “cannot” aren’t strong enough to convince the readers. Provide readers with some of your arguments to sound more confident.
Organ donors should get financial compensation. Due to the pain and risks they are willing to undergo to save another life, organ donors should get compensation and other financial rewards. Include the specific reasons why you support one opinion over the other in your thesis statement.
Public libraries are good for local communities and should get more money. Public libraries are essential resources for local communities and should be funded more heavily by municipalities. Always stick to academic vocabulary when writing a thesis statement or essay overall. If necessary, add specific terms connected with your topic.
This essay is dedicated to the problem of work-life balance. Employers should provide more work-from-home opportunities so that office workers have a better work-life balance and are more likely to stay productive. Make sure your thesis statement not only indicates the topic of your essay but also considers the main idea and arguments.
Magazines could have done more to promote a healthy woman’s body image. Magazines have done a lot in recent years to include diversity in models, but there is still a long way to go to promote a healthy woman’s body image. When writing a thesis statement, try to be objective and avoid bias.

✨ How Our Thesis Statement Tool Will Help You

Ultimately, we want to point out how our thesis statement generator tool will help you. And let’s quickly recap the significant aspects of a good thesis statement.

  • The tool creates an argumentative thesis statement and demonstrates the two points of view on the issue.
  • The thesis statement tool specifies the thesis and doesn’t include overly broad phrases.
  • The tool creates an engaging statement that attracts your audience and makes them continue reading.
  • Our tool doesn’t go into specifics of your essay; instead, it gives readers a hint of all the topics you cover.
  • The thesis statement generator uses an authoritative tone to persuade readers to accept your opinion.


❓ What is a thesis generator?

The thesis generator is a free online tool we designed to help students develop the best thesis statement for their papers. You only need to answer a few questions about your essay, and our tool will generate the most suitable thesis statement in a few seconds.

❓ How long is a thesis statement?

When it comes to a thesis statement, you should aim for a single sentence about 30 to 40 words long. A thesis statement should belong to the introductory part of your essay and guide readers through the main ideas discussed.

❓ What is the goal of a thesis statement?

A thesis statement aims to express the main idea of your essay. Additionally, it provides readers with an understanding of your paper’s content, purpose, and organization.

❓ What are the 3 parts of a thesis statement?

The three critical components of an effective thesis statement are a narrowly defined topic, your opinion on the issue, and the arguments that support your claim. If you want a strong thesis statement, you must ensure that all these three elements are included in your thesis statement.

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