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There's no doubt that recapping is an essential skill for students. Most academic writings require you to summarize literature sources for background information, or you need to condense tons of materials a night before an exam. All this might take a lot of time and effort.

We created a research paper summarizer to help you sum up any academic text in a few clicks. Continue reading to learn more about the free summary writer, and don’t miss excellent tips on how to cut down words manually.

πŸ”§ Summary of Research Paper Online – Application

High school and college students often need to deal with long texts. Consider the most common situations in which our research paper summary generator might be helpful.

  • You don't have time for home reading. The summary generator can narrow the texts down to the main points and eliminate irrelevant details.
  • You need to summarize articles for literature analysis. The tool can help you identify the key ideas from literary sources and compare them easily.
  • You want to reword someone's ideas and create an original text. The summarizing tool helps narrow down the text without plagiarism.

πŸ€” How Do You Summarize a Research Paper?

Our tool is a great solution to summarize a research paper online. However, you should know the general summing-up rules to get the best results from the tool.

Summarizing Do's Summarizing Don'ts
  • Before writing a summary, read the text carefully and identify the main idea.
  • Delete the most irrelevant examples, unimportant information, anecdotes, or illustrations to narrow the sample down to the main idea.
  • Paraphrase the text to make it original and replace words with synonyms. Remember to keep the keywords and specialized vocabulary unchanged.
  • Present the information in the same order mentioned in the text. Otherwise, your summary might be illogical.
  • Remember to introduce the source you paraphrase. For example, you can use phrases like "According to," "The author says," or "The text describes."
  • Check if your summary contains all the necessary points. If you've missed something, add it.
  • Don't start writing your summary if you don't understand the source's main idea. You can only write an accurate text when you fully comprehend the information.
  • Don't use the author's exact words except for the key terms. That would be considered plagiarism.
  • Don't try to make your summary interesting by adding irrelevant details. Keep it short and precise.
  • Don't add personal interpretation to the summary unless it is required. You need to focus on the author's main ideas.
  • Don't overcomplicate your summary to make your text look more academic. The summary's goal is to present the source's main ideas objectively.

πŸ“ Research Paper Summary Generator Examples

We used an online research paper summarizer to cut down two articles in a few easy clicks. Have a look at these examples!

Example 1

Source: What Affects Rural Ecological Environment Governance Efficiency? Evidence from China

The research paper focuses on the influencing factors that impact the sustainable economic and social development of vast rural areas of China. According to the author, protecting the ecological environment has become crucial with rapid economic growth.

This paper separately examines the influencing factors in the eastern, central, and western regions. The results show that the main factors that positively affect the efficiency of rural ecological environment governance are: the level of rural economic development, rural public participation, and the size of village committees. Conversely, environmental protection social organizations have a negative influence, preventing the productivity of rural ecological environment governance.

In conclusion, the key issue in improving rural ecological environment governance in China is to create differentiated regional coordinated governance mechanisms.

Example 2

Source: Is artificial intelligence better at assessing heart health?

The article discusses the use of AI in assessing and diagnosing cardiac function. The author believes this technology will be beneficial when deployed across the clinical system nationwide.

The study provides the results of the experiment conducted in 2020 by Smidt Heart Institute and Stanford University. They developed one of the first AI technologies to assess cardiac function, specifically, left ventricular ejection fraction. The key findings are:

  • Cardiologists agreed with the AI initial assessment more frequently.
  • The physicians could not tell which evaluations were made by AI and which were made by professionals.
  • The AI assistance saved cardiologists a lot of time.

In conclusion, the author believes that this level of evidence offers clinicians extra assurance to adopt artificial intelligence more broadly to increase efficiency and quality.

🀩 5 Extra Tips to Summarize a Research Paper

Summarizing a research paper might be incredibly challenging. We recommend using our free research paper summary generator to save time on other tasks. Here are some additional tips to help you create an accurate summary:

  1. Ensure you include the main ideas from all research paper parts: introduction, literature review, methods, and results.
  2. To identify the main idea of the research paper, look for a hypothesis or a thesis statement.
  3. Don't try to fit all the experiment's results and statistics in summary.
  4. Always mention the author of the original paper to avoid plagiarism.
  5. Don't add your personal opinion on the research paper you summarize.

❓ Research Paper Summarizer FAQ

❓ How to Use the Research Paper Summarizer?

Research paper summarizer is a free online tool that can summarize any paper in almost no time. The summarizer is available online and has a simple interface. You only need to copy and paste the original passage, choose the length of your summary, and click the "summarize" button.

❓ How to Write a Summary of a Research Paper?

You can summarize a research paper manually or with the help of a free research paper summary generator. Pay attention to the text's central idea expressed in the thesis statement to make an accurate summary. Ensure you carefully reflect on the author's main point and eliminate the less important details.

❓ How Long Is a Summary?

The length of a summary might vary depending on your goal. For example, if you summarize several sources for your literature review, it's better to keep them short. However, if you write an essay based on one article or book, you might want to provide a more extended summary.

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