Growth and Development of the Toddler

Bill and Ted

What the nurse should teach Bill and Ted about the psychosocial or cognitive development of a toddler to help them understand Victoria’s behavior?

The nurse should teach the parents about overcoming Victoria’s behaviors and supporting her development. Observation is an effective method, and they should use it to study what she is doing and saying. It is necessary to monitor the child’s temperaments, observations, and actions when she is playing, sleeping, or eating. Parents should be discouraged from comparing her with other children since it could make her feel inferior (Ricci et al. 42). Showing the daughter that they are concerned about issues affecting her would encourage open communication that is based on trust and love. The nurse can encourage parents to spend more time with their daughter to understand her psychological behaviors. They should make an effort to establish a good relationship and encourage her to feel motivated to communicate. Being a friend to the child, praising positive behaviors, reinforcing desirable behaviors, and avoiding threats can help promote appropriate behaviors.

What the nurse can teach Bill and Ted regarding promoting appropriate discipline for Victoria?

The nurse should consider teaching the parents about positive behavioral strategies to offer better support to the daughter. They should attract the attention of the child before uttering a word to her and maintain eye contact. Moreover, they should avoid stressful situations, talk to her with a gentle voice, and use direct, clear, and simple language (Ricci et al. 125). It is necessary to be patient, calm, and use positive communication to motivate her to talk and share issues.

Temperament and its influence on Victoria’s behavior

Temperament refers to difficult or predictable calm behaviors that hinder the ability to express or manage emotional experiences with ease. The term explains an innate quality of a child and prevailing moods and determines the system of attitudes and values. Victoria is occasionally intense, stubborn, and explosive since she is unable to adapt to new situations. A temperament could also be arising from her illness since it is making it more difficult to concentrate.

Tenzin and Dechen

What the nurse can share with Kim’s parents regarding the normal motor, communication, and sensory development of a 24-month-old?

The nurse should explain that speech usually starts with one or two-syllable words before uttering two-letter words. The child gains an understanding of more words including those that he could not speak, and attempt to say more than 50 words. Rapid brain development enables the toddler to start engaging in activities such as jumping, running and climbing. He starts recalling recent activities and events such as interesting and entertaining games. The motor skills develop making it possible for the nerves and muscles to work properly and together.

What the nurse can teach Tenzin and Dechen regarding promoting healthy growth and development in Kim?

The height of a healthy boy child aged 24 months should be about 34.2 inches and weigh 27.5 pounds. His cognitive development should enable him to learn, reason out, think, remember things, pretend, and imagine. Social and emotional development should make it possible for the kid to do things in his wishes, particularly those pleasing him. The child develops occasional breakdowns, confusion, and conflict, and his nerves and muscles coordinate to support better movement, control, and stability when walking.

How the nurse can teach Kim’s parents about toilet training with a toddler?

The nurse should teach parents to start monitoring the child for signs that would suggest readiness for toilet training including awareness of pooping, peeing, and interest in the potty. Parents must learn about bowel and bladder control before starting the training (Ricci et al. 148). They should encourage and create a favorable environment for the child to use a potty chair while making her aware of how to do it. Although toilet training is a difficult process, parents should follow simple instructions and create a link between poop or pee and the potty. It is necessary to make the training process as fun as possible while ensuring the safety of the toddler.

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