Information Technology in Healthcare

Information technology plays a vital role in optimizing the operation of various fields of activity. In medicine, computerization performs many different functions, one of the key ones being reducing the cost of medical services. This is done by reducing the time it takes to serve patients, making it easier to track their condition, introducing programs for self-care, and making the pricing information public.

When working with a patient, a doctor who does not have a computer and a special information base spends a significant amount of time manually completing the necessary documentation. At the same time, a doctor who is able to enter the necessary data into an electronic form quickly spends less time with the patient at the reception (Lytras & Sarirete, 2019). For the same number of patients, the work of a doctor without the use of information and communication technologies will be more time-consuming and, therefore, more expensive.

For nurses who need to keep detailed patient records, using a computer and various applications also increases their ability to serve more people, reducing the cost per patient. When patients are in-home care, multiple apps that track important indicators like heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and pain levels can compile statistics on their own (Lytras & Sarirete, 2019). This way, people are freed from the need for frequent visits to hospitals to monitor their condition. An important factor influencing the pricing of medical services is the ability to track data on the cost of consultations and procedures in different places via the Internet. The client will choose the clinic that, with good reviews, has a lower price for the service. For this reason, many private clinics and laboratories hold public promotions to attract visitors.


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