3 Day Diet Analysis: Personal Experience

This is a personal diet analysis for the period 11/03/2020 through 11/05/2020. I am a 25-year-old female, my height is 5′4, and my weight is 120 lbs., which places my BMI at 20.5 (“Adult BMI Calculator”). I am not pregnant or lactating, and I have a very active lifestyle. I work 12-hour shifts on my feet in the hospital and exercise as often as I can. My food intake fits my lifestyle, with most meals being easy and quick, but I try to observe a number of rules and principles to keep my diet as healthy as possible.

My dietary goals are aimed at keeping my water intake, supplements, and nutritional intake consistent and able to keep me fueled without me giving too much thought to my daily consumption. I avoid high sugars, alcohol, fast food, and dairy products, which cause an inflammatory reaction in my body. With my type of lifestyle, it is crucial to avoid eating out to stay healthy, and I strive to consume high-protein prepped meals instead of opting for fast food. My calorie intake varies depending on my exercise goals, but I do not specifically track it. I pay particular attention to my water intake, with my goal over the last three years being to drink 72 oz. of water daily. Overall, I am satisfied with my diet because it gives me sufficient energy and helps to maintain a consistent BMI.

Over the analyzed period, I had three meals daily, with breakfast consisting of a Reds Burrito or a homemade bacon egg cup, and lunch being chicken and rice or lemon fried avocados. For dinner, I had a frozen pizza on the first day, Taco Bell Cheesy Gordito Crunch on the second, and a Subway sandwich on the third. It is not typical for me to eat fast food, but I tried to be moderate, only eating half of the pizza, a 6-inch sub, and one taco. My calorie intake was 870 kcal on the first day, 940 kcal on the second day, and 397 kcal on the third day. Over these three days, I met my water intake goals, drinking 72 oz. of water daily.

The analysis of my nutritional intake over the period shows that I do not meet my calorie goals. With the recommended calorie intake for my height and weight being 2,300 kcal (“Calorie Calculator”), I have only consumed between 397 and 940 kcal in these three days (see Appendix A). My carbs, fat, and protein intake has also been lower than recommended. The three-day pattern of eating fast food for dinner made me realize how easily I can stray from my dietary goals. Overall, while being satisfied with my diet in general, I can design some recommendations for its improvement.

The first recommendation is to slightly increase the number of calories I consume. By continuing the current pattern, I will lose fat, but my energy level will also decrease, making me unable to stay active. While it is currently hard for me to plan my evening meals, I can focus on taking a more nutritious breakfast, ideally consisting of more fresh fruits or vegetables. Currently, it most often includes a REDs breakfast burrito because it is simple to cook and has a high level of protein. Substituting it with eggs and a vegetable salad on some days could help me maintain my protein intake and increase fiber consumption.

The second recommendation would be to improve my evening meals. I currently do not have a particular pattern that I follow regarding what I eat for dinner, which results in me sometimes having no energy to contrive something healthy. This can be solved by preparing my evening meals in advance or selecting a range of healthy ready-meal options from which I can choose. This way, I will always have something at hand when I am too tired to put effort into cooking or going out.

The third recommendation is to increase the number of greens, fruits, and vegetables that I consume and to vary my diet in general. Maintaining a balanced diet is essential for my well-being, and currently, although I am generally satisfied with it, it is not as varied as I would like. Apart from eating more fruits and vegetables, I could also introduce more cereals and whole grains into my daily menu, which are the main source of carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers (Carcea 504). I could eat cereals for breakfast and healthy snacks between meals, consisting of a fruit item and whole-grain bread. Overall, basing my diet on protein-rich products, greens, grains, and white meat seems to be the best possible option, considering my active lifestyle and diet restrictions.

To conclude, the analysis of my 3-day diet revealed some issues that I need to address. I have a very active lifestyle and strive to maintain a healthy diet to support my energy level. However, the analysis showed that I currently do not meet my calorie goals and sometimes supplement healthy food options with fast food. Keeping track of my nutritional intake and introducing more varied products into my menu is recommended to improve my dietary patterns.

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