Authority Impact on Industrial Business

Peptang Tomato Company has established authority in the tomato processing and value addition industry, surveying the customer needs to give the best. Authority can be said to be power and right granted to a person in a leadership position regarding decision making, assigning roles, and obedience enforcement. Being a founder of a specific business gives one founder authority, while owning it gives one ownership authority (Bamakan et al., 2022). In business, achieving management takes research, learning, and minimizing leadership hierarchy. A business thrives with fewer managerial titles, good coordination, and communication between customers and colleagues following a robust supply chain and sales network. This process makes authority in business different with no politics and ruling. This essay discusses how Peptang Tomato Company has become an authority in its tomato processing industry.

A unique value proposition states the strength of a business to its customers. The participants require a positive mindset to identify and develop a unique value proposition. Obstacle review in business development is essential to ensure smooth sales flow (Karhinen, 2022). For example, a tomato company’s assessment of society’s needs can help identify a unique value proposition. Value addition is essential to make fresh tomatoes from the farm ready-to-use products with a long shelf life since the tomatoes are perishable goods. Peptang Tomato Company has established tomato farming to create an excellent supply chain regarding the competition from similar companies. The company has started online marketing where different commodities are produced per customer demands. The company emphasizes delivering quality and safety in all the products they make. The company plays a vital role in communication and respect through social awareness.

Peptang Tomato Company has a vision that keeps it working and is focused on making it better in the future. The vision of this company is to be a leading global company concerning food product quality (Premier Foods Limited, 2022). Every organization has a vision and a mission; similarly, do business companies. In this case, the mission refers to the process used to achieve the vision. The vision statement keeps the company focused on the set goal and communicates to the customers (Carvalho et al., 2022). Based on nature, every journey has a destination, and preparation is vital for the destination—an excellent example of vision to provide quality in the innovative entrepreneurial world. Creativity and innovation are significant to offering new versions in the market depending on the products or services. The vision should show how important and good the product made is, for example, flavors and other essential elements in the product. The vision means that the company has to focus on every production and quality activity to achieve the company’s set goal.

Peptang Tomato Company’s leadership enables the company to achieve set goals through innovation and surveys on the processed food flavor trends. The company management encourages the staff to work hard to achieve the highest results. Developmental company culture relies on perfect teamwork and management (Abba & Dogan, 2022). Good leaders should employ several qualities to bring success to the company. Leadership is significant in molding the outcome and strategic plan in technological learning incorporation to gather more information to grow the company.

Leadership in Peptang Tomato Company handles all development issues; every new idea about development and innovation is communicated to the management to determine the next step. In the learning procedure, leaders are chosen to further education and acquire ideas to grow the company. Through leadership, competition issues can be solved when the leaders learn the competitive values of other companies (Khodaee et al., 2022). The leaders offer the best solutions to the company’s problems through social and technology learning. Innovative ideas acquired through business seminars and conferences raise the company’s status. Concerning the local and global communities, reviews in the business trends help the leaders to give the best to the customers. Interacting with the company staff help improve the company working standards helping solve some of the problems.


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