Human Impact on the Environment

As it is known, the anthropological factor plays a crucial role in the changes in the environment of the planet. It contains two major groups – flora and fauna, meaning plants and animals, and both those categories of the environment are critically influenced by humanity on a daily basis. For instance, people are annihilating forests massively to receive wood for various purposes, such as building houses or creating working tools and instruments to deploy them and achieve different goals. Every single wood of any known forest is an essential source of oxygen, which is a vital element for continuing humanity’s life cycle. In addition, a large number of industrial corporations and transport systems worldwide lead to pollution of air and water, factually poisoning the most crucial for human lives elements of the planet. People also tend to hunt different animals for their meat, fur, and other resources that can be extracted from a hunted-down beast. All the actions mentioned above are genuinely destroying the Earth since people are bloodsucking the planet like vampires.

Everything described in the previous paragraph is essential to be addressed as soon as possible because the Earth is suffering. It is practically screaming in pain while people cut it to pieces to achieve their egoistic goals or gain various resources. Humanity’s influence on the environment is gigantic, and the planet has changed entirely since humans started to abuse nature’s gifts, overestimating its ability to restore its original glory. Therefore, if people do not reconsider their attitude to the surrounding environment and start to treat it more carefully, there is a high chance the planet will be wholly devoured by humanity’s greedy actions.

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