Problem-Solving and Broken Windows Policing

Problem-solving and broken window policing is the ability to know and define an issue by discovering the cause and source of a certain problem. By having the ability to identify, prioritize, and select many other alternatives for a solution to that problem and looking for the most appropriate ways of implementing a solution to the problem. Broken window policing is the model that focuses on the benefits of disorder, which is not associated with a severe crime. Still, it increases fear among residents, leading to their withdrawal. However, this may get controlled by police interference by taking the offense seriously on the affected communities, increasing anxiety, and giving sense to other people on solving the problem themselves. The importance of observing situation solving techniques is as follows:

First is defining the problem; it is essential when a person is aware of the concern around them or the community. Understanding is the most complex and vital at the same time when handling a particular issue (Heimer et al., 2018). It helps to form strategies for approaching the problem; hence it gives easy ways of implementing solutions. In this case, people must first understand the kind of problem and its source then think of ways that might help solve the problem, and eventually, implement those ways and observe if they can be the solution to the issue.

Secondly, gathering information about the issue is the most critical part of the necessary thinking process. Getting all the info needed helps solve the problem more efficiently and always leads to the best outcome (Martschuk et al., 2022). It is essential to look at available facts and objective information towards what is required when facing a particular issue; hence it will give easy ways of over implementing the strategies for settling the problem.

The third is generating possible solutions toward ending the problem by gathering meaningful information or other alternatives. This is by evaluating the ways and then choosing the more appropriate one. In this manner, one can make decisions on fixing and solving the problem quickly. It is crucial to choose one way of handling an issue at a time so that when it fails, one can move to the next plan and try to fix the problem.

Lastly, it is vital to evaluate the problem after defining and gathering the information about the situation and finally coming up with the best possible solutions towards resolving the issue. Fixing the problem helps to bring peace to the community because no one will like to stay where they are not safe. Fixing the situation individually or the community helps people stay and continue with their activities without fear.

Leadership in problem-oriented policing is the ability to have qualities to diagnose and implement problem-solving techniques towards the increasing crime risks. The ability to solve a problem shows the role of a leader in fostering problem-oriented policing. Police agencies are structured and prioritized to monitor crime reduction rates within their reform agenda. Some areas experience high crime rates and need experts to help in investigations and handle the crime with high levels of experience and leadership.

To conclude, having leadership and knowledge on problem solving is essential because one is able to think and develop a good plan for handling the issue. It also requires leadership and experience in investigating some severe crimes. In this context, we can see how important it is to follow the techniques when facing a particular issue that one needs to solve. Following problem-solving techniques makes it easy to come up with the best solution to fix and settle the matter for once.


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