Researching the Concept of Social Closure

The topic of social closure has always been critical, though it is not widely discussed with any specific purpose. People of different ages, nationalities, gender, and professions face this issue. Everybody has their interpretation of the meaning of this term. However, it would be perfect to mention the generally accepted explanation of this term. “Social closure means excluding those who are not felt belong, drawing a diving line between the familiar and the foreign” (Kerr, 2021). It concerns dividing people into such severe categories as “we” and “they.” The concept of social closure stresses the attention on the clearly defined criteria for evaluating people and, as a result, dicing if these people are “good” enough to join some particular social group.

On the one hand, closure means accepting what has already happened. In other words, it can be seen as a free place for new people and, therefore, new opportunities because there is an opinion that change is always for the better. In this case, it is one of the first steps in preparing for a new transition. Thus, social closure can lead to new subcultures, groups, and even nationalities, which is regarded as human evolution (). This factor throws light on the concept of social closure.

On the other hand, an unhealthy and incorrect closure can be a barrier to a member’s future involvement in the new inceptions mentioned above. It would be appropriate in this case to mention the term “compromise,” which means “the negotiation between different people’s worldviews” (Kerr, 2021). Society considers the moral values of different variations to form long-term collaborations.

To conclude everything, it is worth admitting that it is vital to remember that intolerant closure can lead to misunderstandings among members of society. People should be more open-minded, respect each other, and not be biased to prevent turning closure into a vast social problem.


Kerr, W. (2021). Darwinian Social Evolution and Social Change: The Evolution of Nationalisms. Springer Nature.

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