Safety During the Pandemic in Stores

It seems reasonable to state that the provided rationale is clear and consistent. The author appeals to a solid theoretical background referring to the acute issues of today. In particular, there is an expedient train of thought that links the topics of the Five Fs, the pandemic, and e-commerce (Pedersen & Ritter, 2020). The author stresses that there are some opportunities to re-launch in-store offers and gives the idea to reduce prices by offering discounts for products purchased in physical stores. The latter suggestion seems significant, given the fact that customers always try to utilize possibilities to decrease their expenses. Furthermore, the proposed advertising campaign might be a good option as well because the seller-buyer relationship is a foundation for long-standing and productive cooperation with clients, which is supported by the proper quote from the recognized representative of the field. Finally, precautions regarding safety during the pandemic are crucial for any stores nowadays, and the suggestion to take all of them is rational.

The first notable thing about the post is that the author uses quite an engaging style of writing that uses several colloquial expressions that make the reader follow the main ideas easily. However, it may be a bit confusing, given that this post exists in the academic dimension, and there are several settled requirements. Nevertheless, the author uses the core concepts and links them to the real-life example appropriately. The chosen quote and case support each other, which demonstrates the necessary extent of consistency within the rationale. But it should be noticed that although the mentioned case is explained clearly, there could be a little bit more elaboration on the ideas provided – reasoning in their favor does not seem exhaustive.


Pedersen, C. L., & Ritter, T. (2020). Preparing your business for a post-pandemic world. Harvard Business Review. Web.

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