Customer Relationship Management


Customers determine a company’s market competitiveness and capacity to continue operations. Many firms provide their clients with greater value that better meets their demands to maintain a long-term amicable relationship, which leads to repeat purchases (Fan & Dong, 2021). Customer loyalty and retention activities form the building blocks for any successful business. The following are some strategies that Kiamarie can utilize to acquire repeat sales from her dealership’s past clients.

Encourage routine maintenance visits

Future purchases or leases are more likely to be made by the dealership regulars. Kiamarie should make every effort to persuade consumers to obtain routine care at the dealership by using automated service reminders, providing for after-hours appointment booking, and giving service promotions such as service center visit discounts.

Sell a car with a service package

Getting the greatest income from a client is the key to increasing dealership earnings. Because customers are typically hesitant to upsell, Kiamarie can pitch the value of a service package. She may accomplish this by speaking with consumers about how regular service can retain the value of the car, emphasizing the significance of regular maintenance, and demonstrating that purchasing a service package is a cost-effective option.

Create a customer Referral Program

The plan is to convert the consumers into her sales team because they already like the vehicles and have loyalty to the dealership. Customers could be aware of individuals who are in the market for a new car. Offering referral incentives such as service discounts, gift cards, and cash awards can increase sales while spending less on marketing.


CRM systems assist organizations in organizing their data into easier user interfaces so that they can reorganize and connect with customers in a scalable manner. Kiamarie’s most effective CRM strategy in the dealership is to schedule periodic stakeholder analysis reports. The reports will help her in areas such as customer interactions, customer purchase history, upselling opportunities, KPIs, and marketing response. One CRM tactic to avoid is stalking consumers rather than engaging them; instead, create connections with the appropriate customers in the right way. Building relationships with the wrong customers, or attempting to establish relationships with the wrong customers, is one risk of employing CRM.


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