Humanising International Business-to-Business Marketing

In the article under study, the International Marketing concept, which is the basis of research, is Business to Business (B2B). This approach provides benefits such as increased engagement and loyalty of consumers and increases the humanization of marketing.

International marketing is an integral part of the functioning of any organization. Thus, any activities related to this type of activity of companies have value for study. This will allow an understanding of current market trends and provide an understanding of the direction in which organizations should develop. Thus, this work will focus on the article by Ronelle Bester called “Humanising B2B marketing.” This study will analyze the proposed B2B approach and its implications, which concern both South Africa and the international market as a whole.

In the article “Humanising B2B marketing,” the author raises the question of the need to revise the approaches of modern marketing. The study explains this by the fact that “Attention spans are shorter, everyone suffers from information overload, and very few people have the time to plow through lengthy white papers” (para. 4). Despite the fact that consumer marketing has gained quite wide popularity recently, the author says that constantly changing external conditions require alterations. As an alternative, a Business to Business approach to marketing is proposed, which in modern realities can have a remarkable success.

The article cites several advantages of the Business to Business approach for both South Africa and international marketing. Further, one of the main positive aspects is the fact that this action affects the emotional side of marketing. The author notes that “brand identity should care about issues, and have a consistent persona that carries through all the communications” (para. 7). Thus, companies should learn to broadcast their values and worldview through marketing. Social networks, releases, and direct communications can provide special assistance in this case.

The next aspect is the use of social networks as the primary source for marketing and information extraction. Any company that is aimed at the international market should understand the importance of this aspect. Research stated that “in B2C, it is part of the standard repertoire of entire social media departments to observe, build on and guide customers’ interactions with the brand” (para. 13). Moreover, it will allow you to build a connection with customers and find the most valuable and relevant information about them. Further, a significant role in the company’s marketing is the use of creative activities. This aspect will attract the attention of consumers and increase their involvement in the activities and functioning of the company. Hence, creativity can save international marketing from lack of interest and give life to advertisements.

In conclusion, this work investigated the article, which provided valuable information about the Business to Business concept of international marketing. Hence, it emphasized several positive aspects of this type of activity. Therefore, among them, giving emotionality and humanity to marketing, increasing creativity, and the importance of using social networks can be highlighted. The B2B approach relates to South Africa as it highlights areas that are the particularly lacking emphasis in the country’s marketing strategy. The study of the Business to Business approach can provide the region with an opportunity to significantly increase the indicators of the marketing strategy, as it focuses on the most important components. Consideration of these aspects is also necessary for all international organizations and their marketing strategies, as it can contribute to increasing efficiency and competitiveness.


Bester, R. (2022). Humanising B2B marketing. Media Update. Web.

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