Microsoft Organization: Human Resources Department


  • HRM is the managing of organization’s personnel
  • HRM became more used in the 1960s
  • Microsoft one of wealthiest organization is employee-driven
  • HR department is vital for organization success

Human Resource Management (HRM) centers on people management within the employer-employee relationship. In this regard, HRM is the process of recruiting, employing, deploying, and managing an organization’s personnel (Stone et al., 2021). In most cases, the Human Resources department of a business or organization is the one that is tasked with regulations that govern workers. According to Murphy et al. (2017), the term became more generally used in the 1960s to refer to the individuals who work for the business as a whole. Generally, the essence of the HR department in businesses is vital for its success as such organizations with impeded challenges in the section are bound to fail.

Microsoft Strategic Process for Recruiting Talents

  • Interviews are the initial step in recruitment
  • Problem-solving is the primary emphasis of interviews
  • Unanticipated inquiries are included to evaluate candidates
  • Panelists e-mail their verdict on the interviewee

Interviews are the initial step in the process and are conducted by at least three or ten Microsoft personnel. These interviews aimed not to assess the candidate’s expertise but to evaluate their mental processes, decision-making ability, and work habits (HR at Microsoft, 2018). Problem-solving is the primary emphasis of technical interviews, and interviewers will often provide hypothetical situations for candidates to address. Unanticipated inquiries are included in the exam to evaluate the candidate’s ability to maintain calm under pressure and their capacity to be innovative. Upon interviewing, the panelists would e-mail their verdict on the interviewee. The subsequent respondents would then utilize these remarks to analyze further any problems that may have been present with the interviewee.

Microsoft Strategic Process for Recruiting Talents

If they failed, nevertheless, this did mean that they would not thrive and sustain themselves in the work setting at Microsoft. Afterward, the candidate would finally have a meeting with their manager, who would make the ultimate decision regarding whether or not to hire the candidate. If most interviewers have a positive impression of the candidate, the manager will employ them. The last phase is an interview conducted by a person who is not a part of the group doing the recruiting; this individual is impartial since they are independent. This person is designed to serve as the last check to ensure that the individual is fit for Microsoft. They are further meant to prevent managers from hiring the incorrect individuals just because they need to fill a given role.

  • Success at interview means ability to work
  • Candidate would finally meet with their manager
  • The manager will employ them if impressed
  • Hiring external interviewee to review the applicants

Microsoft Strategic Policy for Recruiting Talents

Identify the Company’s Objectives

  • HR team be aware of business goals
  • The strategy clarifies the plan’s achievable goals
  • Microsoft ensures the objectives are compatible
  • The company will influence employees choices

Microsoft has a robust strategic plan and policy for staffing and recruitment. For instance, their HR team must be aware of the business’s broad goals before they can make personnel plans or modifications. Their strategic business strategy often includes a description of these objectives. Moreover, it clarifies this plan’s goals and adjusts the personnel strategy. The organization’s task is to ensure the two goals are compatible since how they handle their team will impact company outcomes. For instance, the HRM could need to reassign current workers or acquire new personnel to fill such positions if the company intends to create a new location. The company plan will influence these employment choices.

Microsoft Strategic Policy for Staffing and Recruitment

Determining the Current Staffing Situation

  • Microsoft first comprehend the staffing situation
  • The staff data is collected and combined
  • HR and management ensure date collection
  • Evaluation the staff data to drive insights

Before creating a recruitment and selection policy, Microsoft must first comprehend its present personnel situation. Since the firm has a formidable HR team, this policy might not be difficult. The staff data are combined into a single source of truth host personnel information across several sources. Thus to assist HRM in ensuring accurate and complete data on their human resources, collaborate with company executives and managers. By obtaining this data, the HR team will be able to comprehend the staffing environment better and, more precisely, identify future hiring requirements and possibilities. Once their personnel data is collected in one location, businesses can evaluate the staffing market and start deriving insights that may be put to use.

Microsoft Development of Training Program

  • Recent challenges ensured Microsoft revamped its teaching
  • The firm discovered new to training programs
  • Analyzing of data to determine in-demand occupations
  • Free access to learning pathways and information

Since the year 2020, the majority of problems have surfaced in more companies than ever before. For example, the globe has had to overcome several obstacles, one of which was a pandemic triggered an economic crisis worldwide (Bultemeier & Gasper, 2021). Consequently, it demanded drastic actions; Microsoft discovered the keys to authentic, inclusive recovery programs to facilitate more accessible access to digital skills for individuals hardest hit by the loss of their jobs. Microsoft grew tactics, such as analyzing data to determine in-demand occupations and the necessary qualifications to fill such positions. In addition, free access to learning pathways and information that will assist individuals in developing the required skills for these roles.

Microsoft Development of Training Program

  • The global data is anticipated to increase
  • Microsoft identifies vital data such as AI
  • The organization train students on new technologies
  • The firm provides students documentation and opportunities

The global market for big data is anticipated to increase annually. There is a great demand for those who can handle, analyze, and display data for business success. As a result, Micro identifies vital data capabilities, such as AI knowledge, needed for anyone seeking to enter the business. In addition, Microsoft introduced a program to train students in high schools, vocational institutions, and universities to use the software developer’s most recent technology. The IT Academy curriculum is intended to train students for careers in high technology. Microsoft also benefits by gaining yet another recruitment tool. Thus, upon completing the courses, Microsoft provides students with legal documentation and job opportunities at its companies worldwide.

Microsoft Appraisal and Reward Systems

  • Microsoft recognizes and reward achieving employees tremendously
  • The business uses different method to reward performance
  • Rewards concentrate the employee’s attention on objectives
  • They include motivation, satisfaction, loyalty, and rewards.

A performance evaluation and reward system recognizes and compensates dedicated individuals. Thus, they distinguish the scheme from standard increases and merit compensation. Numerous techniques for evaluating and rewarding the performance of groups and organizational units are now under development. These include team-based pay-for-performance programs such as bonuses and gain-sharing reward schemes (Nayak & Mohanty, 2017). The rising popularity of these aggregate assessment and incentive programs may be attributable to the need to concentrate the employee’s attention on the organization’s overall goals and objectives. Moreover, aggregate systems may increase team spirit by providing employees with common goals and fostering a more cooperative workforce. Such motivation entails, satisfaction, loyalty, and rewards.

Microsoft Appraisal and Reward

Employee Motivation

  • Microsoft only hires ideal motivated individuals
  • The firms hires individual by strict adherence to objectives
  • Inspiration unlocks the workers full potential
  • Motivation breeds possibilities for creativity and training

Knowing what inspires each individual is key to sustaining an employee’s motivation. Notably, Microsoft only hires individuals who will be driven by the environment they create. Microsoft does this by embedding its objectives into its plans for human resource management. Their recruitment practices and internal procedures are designed to motivate the kind of employees it appreciates (Emmanuel & Nwuzor, 2021). Thus, it is said that this may be accomplished by providing employees with possibilities for growth, creativity, and training for demanding tasks and promotions. This is what Microsoft delivers and demands from its employees for being the best.

Microsoft Appraisal and Reward

Employee Rewards

  • Microsoft rewards high performing employees for competition
  • The organization appreciates conceptual and technical skills
  • Compensation systems are vital for enhancing values
  • Rewarding is means of ensuring healthy competition

Microsoft organization is implementing new strategies, one of which is empowering workers. It is acknowledged that empowering workers needs a culture that reflects this requirement. In the case of Microsoft, the introduction of empowerment is motivated by a cultural shift, indicating that the change is deliberate and will be effective. Microsoft’s regard for its workers contributes to both employee loyalty and pleasure. As a result, the firm was primarily comprised of recent college graduates, and the company’s culture was tailored to meet their demands. The most recent effort is to provide more opportunities for new workers by having experienced staff mentor them. Therefore, motivating such employees to work diligently for the firm

Challenges and Recommendations for Talent Retention


Bad Management

  • Failure to acknowledge employees effort at Microsoft
  • Lack of a robust plan in the proposal
  • Managers’ inability to meet with workers grievances
  • Inability to conduct frequent staff interviews

In any firm, employees want to feel appreciated. Microsoft organization should acknowledge its employees in this aspect by addressing their complaints and ideas. However, failure to listen to input, act on it, or clarify why their proposal cannot be implemented can contribute to job quitting. Managers’ inability to meet with workers to discuss their career objectives disgruntle workers. Annual performance evaluations are the bare minimum that should be considered. Moreover, the firm has failed to conduct frequent interviews with millennials. The firm’s bosses fail to demonstrate a genuine appreciation for their staff.

Challenges Cont.

Inadequate Work-Life Balance

  • Microsoft fails to pay attention to workers problems
  • Employees should be given time off to boost them
  • Management should make environment favorable for them
  • The ability to have vacation and day eases pressure

Microsoft fails to pay close attention to the difficulties employees have in combining their personal and professional lives may go a long way toward keeping top talent. Thus, giving workers little gestures that emphasize the need to maintain an excellent work-life balance may go a long way toward attaining this objective. It will be necessary to make concessions due to the shortage of top-tier talent. As a result, the ability to work with vacation and day offs is essential in easing the pressure on the employee. Those wanting more flexibility will appreciate the advantages of proper HRM management. Thus, they will be allowed to do their duties outside of standard office hours.

Recommendations for Talent Retention

Offer Tremendous Perks

  • Employers are with competitive benefits and perks
  • Health aids are the most important aspect
  • Management to offer other benefits such retirements
  • The benefits enable workers to enhance savings

Employers that provide employees with competitive wage packages and other perks are more likely to retain the loyalty of their workforce. In particular, health benefits are the most important aspect of a job, with retirement funds coming in second. In light of the ever-increasing costs associated with medical treatment, a comprehensive employee health benefit plan is an imperative must for a business that wishes to attract top talent effectively. Employees are encouraged to be proactive in their search for retirement planning possibilities. The provision of compensation is one-way businesses might make it easier for their workers to build up savings.

Pay salaries that are higher than average

  • Microsoft to pay its workers competitive wages
  • Adequate salary conveys of value and appreciation
  • Salaries should be more than the current
  • Microsoft fosters a conducive culture for all

It is essential for Microsoft to pay its workers competitive wages if they want to attract and keep the most talented individuals in their company. These people do not make an unreasonably ridiculous amount of money from their jobs. On the other hand, sending the message to workers that the firm does not genuinely value them by paying them at or below the market rate for the job gives the message that the company does not respect them. It is a good idea to give some attention to the possibility of creating a pay scale that is more than the current rate in the market.


  • HRM improves organizations workforce via management
  • Microsoft HR department is responsible for staffing

A company’s workforce may be expanded and improved via a management strategy known as human resource management. Microsoft’s Human Resources department is responsible for determining where the organization lacks personnel, publicizing open jobs, screening possible applicants, and filling those positions with qualified individuals. Hiring new workers is not only a responsibility of HRM but also the firing of redundant workers in businesses that are reducing their workforce. Microsoft’s HR management is further responsible for overseeing orientation programs designed to familiarize new workers with the company’s rules, goals, and objectives. Overall, effective administration of a company’s human resources ensures that operations involving the workforce are carried out without incident.


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