Role of Employee’s Job Satisfaction on Organizational Performance


This study will be performed from my perspective while drawing arguments from different credible literature sources to provide evidence to my statements. Use of other people’s work or knowledge will be referenced or cited correctly to avoid plagiarism. The research is intended to add new knowledge to the existing research.


Job satisfaction decline amongst bank employees can be a possible reason for decreased productivity, weakening a business’s ability to make profits and maintain a large market share. The managers and leaders of banking organizations should adopt approaches that enhance employee job satisfaction to reduce turnover and improve productivity. The results and findings of the project may benefit businesses by providing guidance on probable strategies that help banking institutions improve employee job satisfaction. Additionally, the information from this study may assist bank leaders in gaining knowledge concerning the bank working environment if they adopt recommendations geared towards reducing potential costs related to training, mentoring and acquiring new employees.

This study can be a source of important information for effective business practice. It will provide suggestions on procedures for designing friendly policies that have a positive effect on job satisfaction and approaches that may help reduce costs linked to employee job dissatisfaction. Satisfied employees are likely to exceed expectations by performing well, which maximizes the profitability and productivity of an organization. Job satisfaction affects employee wellness while promoting organizational sustainability. This study’s findings can help enhance bank employees’ job satisfaction, promote their wellness and increase productivity.

Development and Addition to the Existing knowledge

Implications of Social Change

The study can influence social change by adding to the research information and available data about the general study of job satisfaction, helping solve the challenge of job dissatisfaction in various industries. Leaders in different organizations can implement policies that support communities and families while ensuring they create a good relationship with employees. According to Chan & Ao (2019), business leaders who execute programs that support communities and families experience low instances of employee job dissatisfaction. The study will likely assist bank leaders in understanding how to develop programs and policies that improve the wellness of employees, which could result in implementing programs that merit host communities and families. Through this study, bank leaders can learn how to maintain a favorable working environment that creates satisfaction and comfort. Job dissatisfaction is associated with social conflicts in the workplace as well as employee turnover.


I am the correct person to do this project due to my experience working in the banking industry in Nigeria for 18 years and working with thousands of bank workers. I see how employee dissatisfaction impacts organizational performance, affecting its going concern. Data collection will be easier for me since I am in the industry. The ability to access the bank’s staff for Interviews and Questionnaires will not be difficult. This project will gather data from a sales team of a new commercial bank in Nigeria as they were mostly from other older banks. This research will objectively compare the employees’ previous place of work with the current one. It will investigate whether employees change jobs as a result of dissatisfaction. Further, it will examine the relationship between employee job satisfaction and company performance. Even though job satisfaction is relative and what defines a person in the same organization differs.


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