Business Plan and Presentation: Retail


The business in question belongs to retail and represents an independent direction of banking activity associated with the provision of goods to the mass consumer. Branded clothing, shoes, and accessories from manufacturers such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Off-White, Gucci, Balenciaga, and others are on sale. This is a multi-brand store aimed at the target audience of young people. It belongs to the middle price segment and has a constant demand because prices and margins on goods are much lower than in branded boutiques, but at the same time, the quality of the goods remains at a high level.

Mission & Culture

The company’s mission is to make branded items affordable, providing simplicity, convenience, and the opportunity to buy stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories for everyone. A corporate culture of hard work will be formed in the company. Due to this, the business will regularly offer new units of goods to customers and will maintain a leading position among similar local stores. Such an effect will allow achieving a complete separation and adoption of corporate standards, which include such common core values as perseverance, diligence, and honesty. The correct formation by the management of standards of behavior within the corporate strategy of the company following the core values will allow the elimination of inefficient employees.

Company Description

The company is a leading supplier of branded clothing, footwear, and accessories. It specializes in selling products of such brands as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Off-White, Gucci, Balenciaga, and others. The company provides customers with high-quality and stylish clothes and shoes at the most available prices on the market. The company’s services help customers find their style and be able to wear fashionable clothes at affordable prices.

Opportunity Analysis & Research

There are some favorable circumstances in the branded clothing market that a company can use as an opportunity. First of all, it is the deterioration of competitors’ positions associated with the adoption of inefficient logistics decisions and the subsequent increase in prices for goods. Moreover, it is a sharp increase in demand for branded items as a result of changes in fashion among young people. In addition, the growth in the income level of the population also creates opportunities for more active sales of the company’s goods.

Marketing Plan

The goals of the marketing plan are to increase the customer base and store visits. To do this, it is necessary to analyze existing sales. Next, marketing communications should be defined, contacts of potential customers should be collected, and advertising messages should be developed. After that, promotions will be launched, and a calendar content plan will be developed.

Management & Operations

Management will focus on working with brands. Within its framework, new directions, a promotion strategy, and the formation of corporate values will be developed. Management will be based on knowledge of the characteristics of young people as a target audience, their desires, and their needs. In this regard, operations will be carried out to study the consumer through surveys and research. There will also be operations to interact with sales, production, and website developers. They are necessary to convey feedback from the client as much as possible and do what the audience will like. In addition, management will be directed to work with photos, videos, colors, and fonts, since all creative content must correspond to the brand positioning.

Financial Analysis & Projections

The analysis of the financial situation and the effectiveness of the company’s activities should be carried out both in the short and long term. At the initial stage of its existence, it should have an emphasis on the structure of the property and the sources of its formation. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the value of current and non-current assets, including intangible ones. The number of accounts receivable and short-term financial investments should be recorded. Next, it is necessary to analyze the company’s liability, which includes equity and borrowed funds. As a method of financial forecasting for this company, an analysis based on the method of assessments of experts in a certain field is suitable. Its implementation is carried out by analyzing the company’s activities with a specialist and identifying factors that may affect the results. In the future, the research indicators will be evaluated based on the opinions of experts about changes in the market.


The company can make a funding request to private or public investors to receive resources attracted from third parties who are not directly interested in the development of the company. These may include banks, investors, or the state. Sending a request for a loan, in this case, is the most profitable source of business financing. To enter the market, first of all, the company needs to invest in advertising to reach uninformed customers. The more new customers the business needs to attract within the exit of the company, the more money will be needed for advertising. In addition, the exit strategy will also include discount systems, promotions, and loyalty programs to attract competitors’ customers.

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