Redesigning a Receptionist’s Job

To redesign any job, the human resources (HR) manager needs to consider the organization’s needs. Another critical step is to understand what the job currently asks for and which problems it has. Therefore, the first action would be to look at the current receptionist position and determine its strong and weak features. Second, it is necessary to analyze which activities are missing from the job. Third, all current responsibilities that the receptionist performs which are unnecessary should be removed or evaluated. Fourth, technological trends can be considered to optimize task completion. For example, a receptionist may handle the paperwork and not do it digitally. The HR manager has to analyze the organization’s current capabilities and make changes, including digitization and transferring documents to a computer or the cloud. Finally, a new job description should be formed using clear language and simple sentences to ensure that everyone understands this position’s requirements.

The recruitment process starts with collecting information about the new vacancy. The organization should establish a clear list of specifications, experience, needs, and requirements for the new candidate. Based on this data, the job listing is formed, and it can be used for hiring. If internal hiring is possible, it becomes the next step – employees from inside the organization are reviewed for their fit. Next, the job listing is posted to job boards for outside hiring. Once applications come in, the HR manager can check them, and screen potential hires. The first round of interviews includes confirmations of the candidates’ suitability. Then, a shortlist is created – it consists of the best possible employees. The second round of interviews and testing can include tasks to see the hires’ knowledge and ability to tackle new information. Finally, after evaluating the tests’ results, a final selection is made, and an offer is sent to the best candidate.

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