Trend Impacts on Organizational Development Consulting


The implications of managing complex cultural transformations of various organizations and the dynamic nature of the work is a different process compared to what it was in the past. In addition, the changing nature of the workforce and the dynamic data have continued to demonstrate how organizational development consulting has metamorphosed over the years. The extent to which corporate development practitioners lead the changes in the marketplace influences how businesses operate. In project management, relevant trends will affect the future of organization development consulting.

What Each Trend Will Impact Overall OD Change Projects

One of the most relevant trends in organization development consulting is remote and digital work. In contemporary society, it is challenging to exclude IT from the workings of most organizations as it has become a part of business objectives (Cummings & Worley, 2015). In this case, organization development is no longer bound to what a typical office is known to be. Factors driving this trend include the changing corporate values and more excellent internet connectivity. Remote and digital teams are more common today than in history. In today’s business environment, remote work has risen (Cummings & Worley, 2015). For example, the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates that people can work remotely from home and complete scheduled business projects. Organizations worldwide adopted work-from-home policies that have continued to gain momentum.

Another notable trend in organizational development is a close connection between strategy and the projects involved. Corporate development change projects are a form of administrative tools that work towards achieving discrete results. Some of the goals of such projects include launching a single service or product or targeting a specific outcome (Cummings & Worley, 2015). In organizational development, projects entail a defined time frame when they should commence and end. Project managers have a noble duty to plan the successful completion of projects through their well-defined strategies. Strategic management and organizational development are now being used as part of the vision and mission of businesses. Henceforth, project managers must decide how the strategies will be executed. Therefore, the said strategies, such as mission and vision statements, need to be actionable to be effective.

Organizational development needs the input of soft skills to be successful. Therefore, project managers must apply such soft skills to ensure such projects succeed. For example, such project managers need a particular level of organizational and analytical skills to be effective in their responsibilities (Cummings & Worley, 2015). The role of the project manager does not end with the completion of the budget documents and scope. Such a project is usually an ongoing process that requires the input of such soft skills. The primary work entails people management skills to yield the best outcomes. Therefore, possessing various soft skills will go a long way in ensuring that such a project is successful (Cummings & Worley, 2015). Some soft skills for projects include adaptability, time management, negotiation, risk management, leadership, and communication.


In conclusion, some relevant trends will impact the future of project management or organizational development consulting. For example, project managers need soft skills to ensure the projects they lead are successful. Professionals require soft skills: communication, adaptability, leadership, and time management. Change management is also relevant in an environment where the managers try to complete projects satisfactorily. Using the latest forms of technology in project completion is also a winning strategy for organizational development.


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